Monday, August 31, 2009

Pismo here we come!!!!!

I have been neglecting my Johnson & Johnson blog again! Bad blogger!

We have been up to a lot and nothing all at the same time. We are busy hanging out w/ friends and family but really nothing too exciting going on. Just having a great time… summer is coming to and end and we have enjoyed every bit of it!

This weekend is LABOR DAY WEEKEND and we are heading to Pismo Beach!

Pismo is by far my favorite place to camp. I love the beach. There's something about it that just relaxes me and soothes the soul =) I definitely need it these days! With all my family DRAMA I could use a little R&R =)

Pismo here we come!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few more pics from our weekend with the fam

I just got ahold of Kim's pics... here ya go!
Grandma loves Austin
I don't know...
Kim and Austin
Enjoying myself
Craig enjoying himsef... I think
That would be ME stuffing my face
Jake and his Papa. Jake LOVES dip!
Look @ that face!
Craig wants a baby =)~
Maybe not...
Ok... Maybe

A Little DIY

If you know me at all, you know that I am not a very crafty person. I am not good at creating, decorating, painting, etc. WELL since I am sick of our house looking like a bachelor pad and having EVERYTHING mis-matched I decided I would take matters into my own hands.

I have lined up a couple do-it-yourself projects. Craig is working a lot and I know he just doesn't have the time to help me.

Project #1:
Paint the hallway. It has turned from white to a nasty-dirty brownish color from where the dogs rub up against it. Not appealing.

Project #2:
Paint the dining room table BLACK. It is currently an UGLY maple color that I LOATH. I figure even if the paint job isn't perfect it can't look any worse than it already does!

Project #3:
Paint the dog-distressed ("dog-distressed" stands for dogs scratching the crap out of it when they get excited that someone is at the door... this is bound to happen again but at least it will look better for now!) end table in the living room BLACK also. This one should be pretty easy. It's small and doesn't have a lot of nooks and cranny's to get into!

If that all goes smoothly I would also like to paint the dressers in the bedroom! We shall see. I will keep you updated with some before and after pics. Please pray for me! LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Awesome Weekend with Some Out-of-Towners

I mean to post about our weekend a few days ago, but things have been really busy!

This past weekend we had some family in town from Southern California.
Kim, JT, Jenna and Jake (Craig's cousin's and their kiddows) came up to meet the newest addition to the family AUSTIN!
We kicked things off Friday night with a BBQ at Jennifer and Matt's house. BBQ ribs, salad, corn, beer and Kim's parents, Karen and Kenny (Craig's Aunt and Uncle) decided to drive up for the day since the happened to be camping near by and were rained out! We hung out and visited, the kids swam (some of the "big kids" too) and relaxed.
Saturday we got up early and headed to the lake. It was SO NICE to sit and hang out at the lake all day! We happened to be somewhere they serve HUGE scoops of the BEST ice cream… so you know we had to have some of that.
Austin enjoying the lake
Jenna and I
Kaitlyn, Jenna and Jake
Funny faces!
Jenna and Kaitlyn posin'!
We left the lake and went to Craig's parents house. They have a huge inflatable water slide they set up for the kids. Our "KIDS" kinda took it over! Yes Roxy and Daisy were ALL over it! Who knew? The poor kids could barely get a turn! LOL! They loved every minute though!
They were so excited!
Then the dogs took over!
We ordered pizza for dinner, had drinks and visited some more!
Austin hangin' out
Kim and JT the poser
Craig and I
Roxy and Daisy beggin' JT for some pizza.
Sunday we all rolled out of bed to pancakes and bacon courtesey of Ed and Donna! HOLY YUM! Ed makes the worlds best bacon! Lunch time rolled around and I decided to whip up some of my "famous" Chili's style salsa and Donna had some guacamole to add to the mix. That and BEER was pretty much lunch! No complaints from me.
We ended up hanging out all day! Dinner rolled around and it was absolutely delicious! Ed and Donna struck AGAIN and made chicken, rice, bread and salad. Wow… I am still FULL thinking about it!
The time came to say our goodbyes to Kim, JT and the kids. We were so sad to see them go but we had an awesome time catching up! We have GOT to make time to get down there and visit them on their turf! We just don’t see eachother enough!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from Idaho...

Good morning! We are back from our week long road trip to Idaho! It's early Sunday morning... well early for us just getting back yesterday. I should be sleeping in BUT I just couldn't wait to get started on all of the cleaning/laundry I need to catch up on... on and BLOG about our trip!!!! LOL

Where do I even begin?? At the beginning I guess...

We left Friday, July 24th around 1pm. I got off work, picked up lunch for us, we hooked up with friends and were on our way. Roxy and Daisy even got to ride INSIDE the truck with us!!! "Dad" said it was ok. That was an adventure in itself. As you may know, our dogs aren't the best when it comes to LISTENING, but they did great!

We didn't get far before a tire blew on a friends trailer. Luckily it wasn't long before we were off again!
We stopped a few times to fill up and eat and our final stop on the first night was Jackpot, NV. Wow... definately not a place I would feel the urge to go back to or stay for that matter, but it was over half way there!

We got up early Saturday morning and made our way to beautiful IDAHO! It was seriously nothing like I expected... Everything was green and there were lots of rolling hills! We even drove over the Snake River Canyon... Check it out
When we finally arrived in Saint Anthony's, where the SAND DUNES are, Craig was itching to get out there and ride. So... he did! LOL. He rode and rode and rode the whole week. He said that he thinks Saint Anthony's beats Glamis being his new fave place to ride. (I am guessing that means we will be going back!)
Saint Anthony's was a little different than any other place we have stayed. Where we camped was actually weed-like grass and dirt... strange. There were also some cool little "lakes" all over the place. None of them were more than about 2-3 feet deep but we hung out at one a few days while we were there. Monday we took all 7 dogs (Roxy, Daisy, Bailey, Jersy, Gunner, Tinka and Sasha) and they got to run-a-muck and play in the water for a few hours. Poor Roxy could barely walk when we got back to camp. She was in the water NON-STOP trying to catch the football the boys were playing with. Daisy was busy trying to play "keep away" with "her" toys. She's not very good at sharing... we will have to work on that. I think she is getting better ! LOL They were both wiped out the rest of the night.
Tuesday we made the short trip to Yellowstone National Park. We actually drove to Montana and into Wyoming. Roxy and Daisy got to come too!
All I have to say is WOW. I was totally blown away. I have to admit that I wasn't completely into the idea of going to Yellowstone at first. I really thought it was going to be kinda boring and just a bunch of bison running around. It was seriously one of the coolest places I have ever seen. All kinds of crazy hot springs and geysers. On top of that, tons of cool animals... bison (of course), bald eagles, deer... we all wanted to see a BEAR but that never happened. I took a ton of pics and here is a little slideshow I put together with a few of them!

It was a little chilly that day so the hot springs and geysers are hard to see because of all the steam, but they were still totally worth seeing.
The rest of the trip was pretty much the usual... hanging out, eating, drinking, partying and having the time of our lives. We had an awesome time with all of our friends and I was so happy to share our vacation with them!
Here are some of the more random pics from our trip...

All and all we had an awesome vacation! We got to see a ton of cool stuff... had EVERY type of weather from sunshine to rain, thunder and hail... got to see some of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada along with California of course... got to share it all with our friends... had a great-safe roadtrip.
That being said... we are SO happy to be home! Hope you enjoyed our pics!!!