Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hailey's very first (and 1st) Birthday PaRtY!

As you already know, Hailey had her 1st birthday on Wednesday, October 26th! We did a whole lot of celebrating the big day last weekend.

Hailey spent last Saturday with a bunch of close friends and family.

She loved every minute of the attention, presents, kids, the jump house (mommy took her in!).

Here's some pictures of our little celebration...

Cake table


The birthday girl! She will NOT wear a headband, as you can see... it's sitting on the floor.

The fam =)

They ARE twins...

Kaitlyn and Rylee partying it up in the jumphouse!

My favorite pic of me and my girl, EVER!

Our friend made Hailey this cool wagon!

She loved it!

Mommy made her this cake for her birthday, thinking she would TEAR IT UP. This was the extent of the "tear up" =)

She was SO excited about her friends and presents!

Happy girl!!!!

Check out the back of Hailey's wagon, it's personalized! Thanks Steve!!!

Hailey had the best day =) Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped Hailey celebrate!


Since we partied SO hard the weekend before Hailey's birthday, we decided to lay low and celebrate her "actual" birthday at home, just the 3 of us.

We had pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and we dance partied it up to a few of Hailey's favorite songs.

She tore up the few day old Sam's Club cupcake... guess that was better than the giant funfetti version mommy made her on Saturday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hailey turns 1!

Happy 1st Birthday to the most beautiful baby girl in the world!
(I wrote this post on her actual birthday, but never got around to posting it!)

I seriously cannot believe that 1 year ago today (at this time) I was anxiously awaiting a call from the hospital to tell me that they had a bed ready for me and we were going to induce labor since my baby didnt feel like  coming out on her own!

So much anticipation that day! We finally got the call around 11am and made our way to the hospital, where labor and eventually delivery ensued! 

Since that day our lives have been filled with so much more love and joy than we could ever imagine. There have been plenty of ups and downs but nothing compares to the love we feel for Hailey and each other! I cant believe we made such an amazing little person! Im a teeny bit sad that the first year has gone as fast as it has, but I am very much looking forward to watching Hailey grow up into a beautiful little lady

Havent been to the doctor in awhile (thank goodness) and her 12 month check up isnt scheduled for another week, so we will have to update on height and weight another day!
  • Shes wearing a size 4 shoe
  • Size 4 diapers (been in those for AWHILE)
  • Size 24 month clothes are fitting her nicely, the legs are a little long, but I am sure that wont last long.
  • Walking? Not quite, but she is pulling up on things and walking along whatever it is any chance she gets she stands on her own on the middle of the room for 5-10 seconds she lifts her arms in the air like LOOK what I can do and laughs.
  • She mimics EVERYTHING. Time for mommy and daddy to watch their mouths!
  • She loves the doggies! Daisy is very patient w/ her when she pulls on her face and hair Roxy runs every time Hailey even looks in her direction.
  • Shes just starting to show affection on purpose. She will hold her arms out for mommy and pull me close to her and give me a hug! LOVE that!
  • Shes blowing kisses
  • She loves to play with my hair, sometimes without pulling it out of my head!
  • The kid has 11 teeth! Yep, 11 this includes two molars! She is a teething machine and is doing really good. I rarely have to give her anything for the pain. I have been surprised to find new teeth in her mouth because I had no idea she was cutting any!
  • She eats EVERYTHING except her birthday cake nice! HAHA She loves to eat.
There is so much, I could go on and on. Our little girl is definitely growing up, and fast!

(1st birthday party AND actual birthday posts and pics to come very soon!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hailey's first trip to the pumpkin patch

This year was Hailey's first trip to the pumpkin patch! Last year mommy and daddy went, but Hailey was still "baking" in mommy's belly.

She had so much fun checking out the animals... she LOVES animals!

We posed for a few pics!

HA HA! I love this one!

We had a great day at the pumpkin patch and the weather was overcast and cool, perfect! Fall is here!

We have an 11 month old!

Wow, 11 months... I am as much in shock at how fast this is going as I have been for the last year. I can't believe our girl is about to turn 1!

Hailey is defnitely more of a "kid" than a "baby". Part of me is a little sad to see the "baby" stage go, but watching Hailey grow and develope into her own little person makes up for it! She's such a little character!

In the last month she's finally perfected crawling! She still does her little "scoot" where she stands up in a downward dog position and swings her butt to the opposite side and repeats.... or she crawls on her hands and... well her right foot and she drags her left leg behind her. It's hard to explain, but she's super fast... and now we can add CRAWLNG to the list. 

She's up to 7 teeth! Yes, 7!!!! And, she's a biter... she loves to bite. She bites me and it HURTS! Last night she bit a hole in a brand new FULL water bottle, that was fun. LOL

She's wearing 18-24 month clothes, I would say she's definitely closer to 24 months... my little giant! She's been in size 4 diapers for MONTHS... we had to start using them awhile back because the 3's just weren't fitting right, she has some chubby little thighs.

Hailey has been 22lbs for the last couple of months. Her weight has been the same, but she's getting taller every day!

I am not sure how long she is, but we will find out soon. I only know her weight because the poor kid has been to the doctor at least once a month since her last check up. She had a cold, ear infection, eye infection and last but not least the stomach flu =( Talk about NO fun. Hopefully her immune system is getting stronger.

The kid can eat, she will NOT turn down food, she loves everything! I think the only thing I have seen her not like is cottage cheese. I like it, but I can't blame her, its kind of weird.

The next time you see an update like this, Hailey will be 1! I am beside myself. I can't believe I am about to have a 1 year old. Feels like she just arrived in all her 7lb 15oz glory =)