Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

WOW! I can't believe Christmas came and went and today is new years eve and I am just blogging about it... better late than never in my book =)

This year we celebrated Hailey's 2nd Christmas! It felt like it was her 1st christmas all over again... last year she was only 2 months old and really not able to get into it like she did this year.

Every year we spend Christmas eve at my aunt's house. We eat, drink, laugh, party the evening away... open presents and then eat, drink and party more =)

This year Hailey did all of those things with us. She absolutely LOVES her cousins and she gives them a run for their money just like they do with her.

Here is a peek at our Christmas eve...

Hailey and Uncle Spenser

Daddy wanted proof that Hailey held her arms out to be held by him LOL

Hailey will climb anything and stand on top!

Hailey's "pimp cup"

Hailey and Megan

Present time!

Spenser LOVES present time!

"Just layin' here opening presents!"

Foster opening his FAVORITE present.. from us!

Megan loves iTunes!






Having a seat

We had an awesome time at Aunt Kim's... but we had to get home so Santa could come and leave some goodies for Hailey!

(excuse the TV stand we use as a toy box already!)
Santa brought Hailey a bunch of goodies and filled her stocking!

She loved her bean bag chair!

She kept getting out and face-planting back into it!

She is still obsessed with this little light up snowman ornament with her name on it =)

I am pretty sure she was getting ready to stand on her Magna-Doodle in this pic... Daddy failed to get a pic of her actually standing on it! LOL

There's that ornament again!

Gotta have a pic with mommy on Christmas morning!

More partying on the bean bag chair

Running out of steam...

Is this not my bean bag chair?

I need a nap!

After a little napping, we made our way to Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate with them and Hailey's other cousins... Austin and Kaitlyn... and their mommy and daddy too!


There was more "partying"!

Love the tongue in this pic!



A tractor for Austin!

Little People!!!! Look how excited she is! LOL Mommy looks excited!

Kaitlyn got a cool camo backpack!

Presents for everyone!

Here are a couple pics from the morning after!
Bedhead and Magnadoodle go hand and hand!

Hailey's FAVORITE ornament in action!

A tutu the morning after Christmas is mandatory, I think!

She LOVES her bean bag chair, thanks Santa!!!!!

So there you go... a PHOTO HEAVY recap of our Christmas... it was VERY merry!!!!

We love and appreciate all of our family... we had an amazing time celebrating this special time of year with all of them!

Next up... NEW YEARS! Bring it 2012!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ok, finally getting around to posting our Thanksgiving!

Every year we normally hit a couple of places to see both sides of the family. This year was SO nice because we had both sides of the family at ONE place =)

We went to my aunts house and Craig's parents, grandpa, sister and her kiddos came too! It was so nice getting to see everyone and not worry about rushing anywhere.

We had an awesome day and an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

I slacked on the picture taking, but in my defense, it's hard to chase around a 1 year old and focus on anything but that! Working on it!

Here are a few pictures we got...

Grandma playing with Hailey



Aunt Kim loving on Hailey

Hailey just "chillin"

Mommy and her girl

Megan, Kaitlyn, Austin and Foster

It was nice spending some time with the family. I am so thankful for everything we have. It's been a rough year, but I appreciate all that we have!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A couple special dates....

WOW, I have been such a slacker on the blog thats nothing new these days. I love this blog and I love posting on it, I just havent had the time lately. By the time I get home and take care of all that needs to be done there and get my girl off to bed, I have just enough time to spend a little quality time with my man and since we are such light weights these days, we are in bed kind of early! I know, lame excuse, but its true! I will try harder!

So in the past few weeks not one but TWO very special occasions have taken place.
First, Daddy had a birthday! Thats right, Craig turned the big 3 4!

We planned on going to dinner that night, which was pretty brave on our part I guess you could say. We ended up booking Haileys 12 month check up on that day and we werent thinking about the fact that she would be getting shots and we would be home later than usual, etc so we opted out of going to dinner. Craigs parents and Grandpa came by to wish him a Happy Birthday and drop off a couple nice little presents for him. (Thankyouverymuch!) and visited a little with Hailey before she was out for the count. Shes always super tired after being at my aunt’s house all day (daycare) and throw a doctors appt and shots in on top of it she was one sleepy girl. So we ended up staying in and making dinner and hanging out together. I felt bad because Craig definitely deserves more of a celebration for turning 34... but it was nice. To be honest, the day kind of snuck up on us there was so much excitement for Haileys 1st birthday that daddys 34th kind of took a backseat but he was ok with that!

The next special occasion, if you havent guessed it yet
We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! Yep, 5 years! I seriously cant believe 5 years has gone by as fast as it has. Crazy. I feel so bad for not posting anything sooner. Big time slacker GAH!

Our anniversary ended up landing on a Friday night we were going to try to get away for a quick dinner, just the two of us, but on such short notice we werent able to get a sitter =( Bad planning on our part.

Sounds boring but we ended up staying home, getting pizza (again, poor planning on our part I wasnt going grocery shopping til the next day), having a little happy hour and watching a movie. Little Miss Hailey conked out early, so we had a nice quiet evening!

Well thats all Ive got for now the holidays are upon us, so I have more to post and I will try for sooner than later =)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hailey's very first (and 1st) Birthday PaRtY!

As you already know, Hailey had her 1st birthday on Wednesday, October 26th! We did a whole lot of celebrating the big day last weekend.

Hailey spent last Saturday with a bunch of close friends and family.

She loved every minute of the attention, presents, kids, the jump house (mommy took her in!).

Here's some pictures of our little celebration...

Cake table


The birthday girl! She will NOT wear a headband, as you can see... it's sitting on the floor.

The fam =)

They ARE twins...

Kaitlyn and Rylee partying it up in the jumphouse!

My favorite pic of me and my girl, EVER!

Our friend made Hailey this cool wagon!

She loved it!

Mommy made her this cake for her birthday, thinking she would TEAR IT UP. This was the extent of the "tear up" =)

She was SO excited about her friends and presents!

Happy girl!!!!

Check out the back of Hailey's wagon, it's personalized! Thanks Steve!!!

Hailey had the best day =) Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped Hailey celebrate!


Since we partied SO hard the weekend before Hailey's birthday, we decided to lay low and celebrate her "actual" birthday at home, just the 3 of us.

We had pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and we dance partied it up to a few of Hailey's favorite songs.

She tore up the few day old Sam's Club cupcake... guess that was better than the giant funfetti version mommy made her on Saturday!