Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our little fam!

I thought I would post this cute pic of me and my little family because I love it and it's my blog =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A special day!

Today is a very special day to me... Craig and I officially started dating 12 years ago today!

It's been an amazing 12 years full of ups and downs... thankfully MOSTLY UPS! =)

Now we have a new member of our little family to celebrate this day with!

Ahhh the things love brings =)

Yes, I JUST posted this pic in the post below, but its the most recent pic I have of the 3 of us... so you get to see it again!

A Surprise Camping Trip 4th of July Weekend

Normally people don't use the word "surprise" when they talk about camping for the 4th of July, but our weekend camping trip was definitely a surprise!

Craig surprised me Friday after I got home from work with Hailey by pulling up in front of our house with the trailer. Hailey and I greeted him outside and he said he wanted take his girls away for the weekend, just the 3 of us. We ran inside and started packing. Well it was "packing" if you call "packing" throwing everything you can think of at the drop of a hat into the trailer and praying you didn't forget anything. That's just what we did.

We drove up to Little Grass Valley, which isn't too far from home for us. We kept our fingers crossed there were some camp sites available. We arrived at the campground where we have camped before to find ONE site available (there were some other sites available in the "first come first serve" campground, but we like the one you should reserve more). We got so lucky.

We pulled into the site, set up camp and relaxed all weekend with no real plan on whether we would leave Sunday or Monday.

We took lots and lots of pictures, mostly of Hailey, but what's new?

Partying in her Pack n Play

Hangin' at camp

At least some of us slept!

Hailey got a new stroller that she LOVED!

A little bit of swimming, but the water was really cold...

So we brought her little pool back to camp and filled it w/ some cold water and some hot water from the trailer. She was a happy girl!

More sleeping

I love Hailey's crazy hair in this picture!

We aren't the only ones that had a great time! The dogs don't "make the blog" as much as they used to, but they are doing just fine! SEE!

Mommy and daddy snuck in a self portrait, like old times!

More swimming!

Mommy and her angel!

We decided (pretty much at the last minute) that we would stay 'til Monday and opted for the MAD RUSH to get home, unpacked, ready and make food to bring, get birthday gifts in time to get to my aunts 4th of July block party bash by 1pm. We were there a teeny bit after 1, but I have to say I am impressed by our making it there as soon as we did.

We got to my aunts and even though we were exhausted and it was 104 degrees, we partied as much as we (or Hailey and I could handle). It was super fun, but we ended up leaving just as the fireworks were getting started. It was such a long weekend.

I feel so bad now that I think about it. It was Hailey's first 4th of July and mommy didn't even do sparklers with her =( bad mommy!

But I did get some cute pics!

Hope everyone I know and love had a safe happy 4th of July weekend!

Happy 8 Months Hailey!

Our baby is 8 months old!

Hailey turned 8 months last week, I can hardly believe it. I know I say it everytime another month goes by, but seriously, time has NEVER gone so fast!

Hailey has two bottom teeth and is currently working on two up top. She's doing amazing. I rarely have to give her anything for the pain... She's a tough girl.

She's been sleeping through the night for months (thank goodness!!!), She rolls over from front to back. We are still working on back to front, but she HATES being on her tummy. She can pick up food and feed herself, she's talking up a storm... mostly dada, dad, baba and some other babble I can't really make out but she knows exactly what she's saying and that's all that matters, right? She's been sitting up by herself for a couple months now and is just starting to lunge forward for toys and things so I am wondering if crawling is on the horizon or if she will just be the kind of kid I hear about just pulling themselves up on furniture and walking from there.

I can't believe how much a baby changes in 8 months. Hailey is definitely her own little person. We love that kid more and more every day!

A visit from some family

Ok, so I am a little behind on this post (and an 8 month post for Hailey... yep 8 months! WOW!), but in my defense I was waiting on a picture or two to post!

Last week Craig's cousin Kyle, his wife Julie and their daughter Rylie stopped by for a quick midweek visit. 

The visit was super fast, but I was able to take a day off from work to hang out. The girls got to spend some time together and Craig and I got to "visit" with Kyle and Julie. By visit, I mean we got to drink lots of beer on our new patio together once the girls passed out for the night! We can still party, kind of!