Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!!!!

Baby Austin has finally arrived! A couple days late but he's here and he's HUGE!!!!

10lbs 12oz and 22.5 inches! That's a big baby!

Craig and I got a call this morning at about 6:45 from Craig's dad saying that Jennifer (Craig's sister), Matt and Kaitlyn were on their way to the hospital and Jennifer's contractions were pretty intense and it sounded like it could happen pretty fast.

Craig and I got up, showered and got ready... hit Starbucks on the way (we thought we needed to get something to eat cause we might be there for awhile... BOY were we WRONG). We arrived at the hospital and were met at the door with the news that Jennifer had already had the baby! She BARELY made it to the hospital in time to push! We couldn't believe it. The little guy was born at 7:48... about an hour after we got the call! Everything happend so fast Jennifer didn't have time for an epidural! Poor thing. She and baby were doing great when we got to see them. Jennifer is a CHAMP!

Here's the BIG guy...

Grandma, Grandpa and Big Sister looking in on Austin in the nursery

Monday, May 25, 2009


It's that time of year again (I can't believe it)... MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Time flies when you are having fun!

Craig and I went to Sand Mountian (an annual Memorial Day tradition) for the weekend.

We took off early Thursday morning. Craig's parents normally come with us but this trip they stayed behind waiting for Craig's sister's little bun in the oven to make his grand entrance. A very good reason to not have been able to make it BUT the little guy still hasn't arrived! He's running the show now! I am secretly a little happy that the baby isn't here yet because now Craig and I will hopefully be able to visit them in the hospital when the big day arrives! =)

Even without Craig's parents on this trip we had a huge group! Pretty much the usual attendees with a couple of newbies. Craig and I had a full house. Our friends Deidra and Landon stayed in our trailer... and Spenser of course (he's a built in fixture on our trips these days and we love it!). We ALMOST had another 3 people staying with us. Jason, Jamie and their little boy Aiden came up on Saturday but they decided a tent might be more comfortable! I am not sure they felt that way after the weekend was over BUT we have all tent camped at the sand at one time or another and that would be why we have trailers!!! LOL. Hopefully their experience wasn't too bad and there WILL be a next time!

All and all it was another successful weekend. We had a BLAST as usual! Lots of food, drinks, friends, laughs... what more could we want?? (well maybe a little less food and drink! LOL)
Here are a few pics... It may come as a surprise but I really didn't take THAT many!


Me, Dee and Tatum

The kids made a killing on SNOW CONES! I still think Patty should have gotten a CUT of the proceeds... she did a lot of the work!

Patty, Me, Dee and Jamie

A little sand storm!

Craig... the "Dune Princess"!

The Lazy Blogger

Ok so I am THE LAZY BLOGGER lately! Sorry about that. Things have been getting busy as summer approaches!

Last weekend Craig and I were invited to celebrate my cousin Megan's 7th birthday! I can't get over the fact that she is already 7!!!!

We had an awesome day. We BBQ'd, watched Meg open her presents and had birthday CUPCAKES. (I like cupcakes way better than cake... why? I have NO idea!) There was a jumphouse and a ton of kiddos running around!

Anyway... here are a couple of pics.


Meg's cute, girly pirate theme

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few more pics from Mother's Day

The girls

WTH? Where did he learn that??
Foster wants to be like Roxy and Daisy

JUST LIKE Roxy and Daisy! LOL
I didn't get any pics with Craig's family. I will make up for it another time! LOL

Another busy weekend... DOWN

I am sure this is just the beginning of the busy summer.

Craig and I had a great weekend! I don't have any pics because my Blogger was having issues posting pics so I didn’t take many. SORRY!

I have been trying to convince Craig to do some HOME IMPROVEMENTS. He is always busy fixing up everyone elses homes and ours tends to get neglected. YES he gets paid to do other people's stuff but I keep reminding him it would be nice to do some stuff in our own house to SHOW OFF his talents =) Anyway… I have most recently been trying to talk him into fixing up our backyard. He seems to think we wouldn't enjoy it because we back up to a highway. I beg to differ! We have a nice sized backyard and if we planted a few trees along the fence it really wouldn't be too bad. Friday night we bbq'd dinner and while Craig was bbq-ing I poured a glass of wine and brought a chair from the house outside and set it up on our TINY wooden "patio" LOL The weather was PERFECT and our backyard TOTALLY shady. Craig walked by and laughed like I was crazy. Roxy laid next to me (she did roll down the 3 steps to the grass once! LOL) and Daisy explored the backyard. Craig came out and sat on the steps and call me crazy but I think he actuallly enjoyed it… a little. We listened to reggae music and relaxed. It was nice.

Here is a pic I took with my phone...

As you can see... the "deck" needs a little fixing up! LOL

Saturday I had a ton to do before Mother's Day brunch at our house. Craig planned on going to our friends' Landon and Deidra's house to help Landon with his quad and wanted me to come with. I told him I had a ton of stuff I needed to get done and didn't think I would have time but I really wanted to go hang out w/ my girl Deidra. Craig offered to vacuum/sweep/mop which was a HUGE help. I grocery shopped early and brought home Starbucks to motivate him!

We spent the day with Landon and Deidra. The boys fixed the quad and the girls went shopping and out for pedicures. Ahhh the life.

We got home and Craig went to a boys get together at a friends house and I got ready and went to dinner @ Chili's with Tiffany. Craig called as we were leaving and said we should come by the "boys night" cause there were a few of our girlfriends who had shown up. So we did. It was so nice seeing a lot of people we don’t see often!

Ahhh finally Sunday arrived. It was a busy one but well worth it!

We started off with brunch at our house with my family. Breakfast casserole, fruit salad and mimosas. I NEVER let my mom or aunts glasses go empty! They were bottomless that day!

I got some cute pictures of Foster pretending to be a dog by going in and out of the doggy doors AND drinking out of the "lick it" LOL I will have to post those later!

A couple hours after brunch we went to Craig's sister's house to celebrate with his family! We bbq'd tri tip, drank beer and visited. It was really nice.

Craig's sister is so cute! She is preggers and about to have that baby any day. She is ALL belly and looks adorable! I can't wait to meet our new nephew!!!!!

That's all folks!