Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Friday...

I am totally, completely ecstatic that it's Friday!
We have a busy weekend ahead but it's all fun stuff!

Tonight (Friday... duh) our friends Jason, Jamie and their little boy Aiden are coming over for dinner. I am making my famous (? famous for Paula Deen!) Lots-O-Meat Lasagna! Best lasagna ever! And I will throw in a ceasar salad and some garlic bread for good measure!

Saturday night we are heading over to Steve and Tatum's house to watch UFC 94. GO BJ PENN!!!!!!!! We are going to have carne asada tacos and lots of chips/salsa and whatever other kind of goodies we can find to stuff our faces with! You know me and my mexican food!

Sunday is the SUPER BOWL! (If you didn't know that you have been living under a rock!) I think the Steelers are playing the Cardinals but really... who cares?!??!?! We are going to Jay and Andrea's house and having a nacho bar! I don't really care about football but I love the super bowl! Weird... I know! I think for me it's the Super Bowl of FOOD! =)

So that's what's happening this weekend!
Can you tell I'm hungry??? That post was supposed to be about our weekend but it was more about food! OH WELL!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor Bug

I have to admit I have been bitten by the “Bachelor Bug“. I’ve even got Craig watching it with me! I have been an off and on watcher of the show over the years but I am an ON again this season.

This season is Jason Mesnick as THE BACHELOR. Cute guy… seems really nice and has a little boy named Ty.
As usual there is a combination of good girls, cute girls, not so cute girls and “HOT MESS” girls (as I like to call them). This week Nikki (who is gorgeous I actually liked but didn’t really think she and Jason were “right” for each other) got the boot. Nikki and Stephanie were on a double date with Jason, where in the end, he had to pick one girl to stay and one girl to go. I think he made the right choice in that he and Stephanie have more in common so far.


At the end of the episode they had the dreaded “Rose Ceremony”. Jason handed out all but one rose and froze and said he couldn’t give out the last rose. The girls who were left were:

I was glad to see Shannon go. She creeped me out a little from the very beginning being a little OCD about knowing every piece of info she could about Jason before getting there. She started to literally LOSE it the last couple of episodes and I think she was a little on the crazy side!

Beautiful girl but a little off… she TOLD Jason to give her a rose on her group date and he didn’t and she was pissed. She pretended that it was all a joke but it was OBVIOUS that it wasn’t. That girl was going to try to run (RUN not RUIN) his life! She’s the type that calls the shots and if she doesn’t get her way… LOOK OUT!

Megan seemed like a nice girl… very pretty. Apparently Jason didn’t feel the “connection”. Megan was the girl all of the other HATER girls tried to vote off on the first episode but much to their surprise it backfired and she got a rose for being the “least compatible” with Jason… according to the other girls. Which translates to “the biggest threat”. She also had baby at home… I want to say about 9 months old. The girls also said that she wasn’t such a good mom for leaving her baby at home to date the Bachelor. I agree to a certain point. I don’t think I could leave my baby for that long (if I had one) to try to find “love”.

So that’s what’s going on in Bachelor-land. I will give a FINALE update =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend is coming to an end

I am totally bummed that the weekend flew by as fast as it did! That being said... we had a really good weekend! We made pizza together Friday night! Nothing better than cooking together on a Friday night! We made a DeLiCiOuS hawaiian style pizza... it was called Kailua Beach Pizza and I got the recipe off the Food Network site. I used store bought dough and spread a light coating of bbq sauce over the top. The toppings were mozzarella cheese (a thin layer), pineapple, bacon, red onions. I decided to add tomato and green onion also. I am not kidding when I say this was probably the best pizza I have ever had! Even Spenser said it was the best. We also made a pepperoni. Needless to say there were no leftovers of the Kailua Beach Pizza... but plenty of pepperoni!
Saturday night we went to dinner at Cabos with Landon and Deidra. It was so nice to see them! We don't get to hang out as much as we would like so we had some catching up to do... over DRINKS ! =) We made our way to a near by bowling ally for more "catching up" (over drinks!) and ended up running into a few of Craig's friends. I woke up with a little bit of a hangover this morning but it was worth it! We had a great night!
Diedra and Landon
Me and Dee
Me and Casey
Craig was "anti-picture" Here is the one I have of him...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!!

It looks like Craig and I are going to be Auntie and Uncle to a new NEPHEW! Craig's sister found out yesterday she is having a baby BOY! She has a little girl named Kaitlyn now that we all adore. Now we will have a little boy to go GA GA over! =) Can't wait 'til MAY!
Here's Kaitlyn. I wonder if the new baby brother will be able to keep up with her...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday already?

Wow that weekend flew by. Seems like they all do anymore! We had a really nice weekend. I didn't take many pics but here are a couple...

Friday night we went to Red Robin for dinner with Jay and Andrea. Brandon and Veronica stopped by to have drinks! We headed to the Happy Viking afterward for more BEER. I definately felt all the beer the next morning! HA HA!

Saturday night was Bob's 50th birthday! Craig and I (the procrastonators) finally finished the framed collage we decided to do for him almost a year ago in the memory of his son Travis. Here it is...

He totally loved it! I was happy to have finally given it to him! Craig and I left around 11 and from what I hear the party went a lot later than that!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Flight 1549 = Miracle

First things first... HAPPY FRIDAY!
I just have to bring up the recent... I don't know if you would call it a "crash" or "water landing" of US Airways flight 1549. It is a miracle that all of the passengers and crew are alive and safe today after the incident that took place yesterday. The plan allegedly lost all engine power after colliding with a flock of geese of all things! Apparently the pilot and co-pilot had planned to make an emergency landing in New Jersey but decided to turn around and head back to the runway at Laguardia (where they had just taken off). The pilots realized they weren't going to make it back to Laguardia and needed to think fast. Long story short they "landed" the plane on the Hudson River in New York!

Here are some pictures

I am scared to death of flying and crashing is the reason why. Thank GOD everyone on that plane was ok! It could have been a disaster/tragedy! Good job "Sully" and Skiles!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost got my wish for SPRING!

Last week I was wishing it was Spring already. Even though Spring doesn't officially start until March (20th to be exact!) this past weekend was GORGEOUS! It was in the 60's and super sunny! It felt so good! We really need the rain and I know that but I love the sunny/warm days! I am sure we will get our fair share of rain before summer but for now I am really enjoying the spring-like weather!!!!

We had a great weekend. I kicked off the weekend with happy hour with a friend from work Friday evening! Saturday night we had dinner at Chili's with some friends and my brother. After dinner we headed to their house for some Wii action! LOL! I thought I was going to hate the Wii. After hearing so much hype about it I didn't think I would be as into it as everyone else. Boy was I wrong! I love that thing. I have a couple of pics I will post later.

I can already see mine and Tiffany's summer. Play Wii, have cocktails and lounge by the pool! Yes, I can see the future! HAHA!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Since we have no plans this weekend...

MAYBE I can talk Craig into taking me to the movies. I want to see...
I doubt I can talk him into sitting through Bride Wars BUT he has expressed a little interest in Marley and Me! Plus... we have a brand new movie theater that I am dying to check out! I think it sounds like a plan!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is it spring yet?

How sad is it that winter has just barely started and I am already wishing for spring????? I love the winter-like (cold, rainy, etc.) weather for the holidays. It just makes it feel like the holidays BUT once the holidays are over I would like the nice, sunny, 70 degree weather back! Hopefully the rest of the winter won't be too bad. We have been pretty lucky so far not having a whole lot of rain or any other nasty stuff.
Anyway... As far as I know Craig and I have NO plans this weekend. Ahhh some time to relax.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We finally made it home!

We are finally back from our New Years trip to Glamis sand dunes in Southern CA! It was a LONG trip. The drive was about 12 hours (one way) and we stayed 8 days! We don't normally camp for that long but since it was such a long way away we decided to stay longer. I think it was a little too long for me but Craig loved riding for that many days. Glamis is his fave! He definately enjoyed himself! We hung out, ate, drank... the whole sha-bang! I don't know if I was all partied out from Christmas and tired from being on the go so much lately but I felt exhausted. I barely made it to midnight on New Years Eve and was in bed by 7:30 the night before! I woke up every morning and went for some nice LONG walks. I am going to have a hard time hitting the gym now that we are back. I had such nice scenery and fresh air. Here are some pics! I am also throwing in a few pics of Christmas eve since I didn't get to post them before we left!
Santa? LOL the sweatshirt was a joke!
Foster, Megan and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn wanted to take a picture of us!
Craig helping Foster
Foster loving his new toy
Merry Christmas baby!
Foster picked this out for me all by himself! LOL I love it!
We finally arrived!
The "kids"!
Donna and I @ Boardmanville
LOL I don't know how I spotted this out of ALL the dollars! I love it!
"I remember when I had my first beer" - Step Brothers! LOL
The group!
Craig and I at the drag races
Spenser and I watchin'
YEP! Craig and I... AGAIN!
A new years kiss!
We got back just in time to celebrate Spenser's 21st birthday! We kept it pretty low key. He didn't want to go out to a bar and get wasted. We decided to have a few people over to our house for pizza and beer and he got "wasted" there =) And here are some pics of that!
What else do you give a guy on his 21st bday? LOL nice... the kids are front row!
Birthday shots!
More birthday shots
And another! Wake up Craig!