Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!

Our niece Kaitlyn is turning 5 on July 29th so Kaitlyn's Mommy, Jennifer, had a pool party/safari birthday party for her this weekend. We barely saw Kaitlyn because she was having so much fun swimming like a fish all day long with her "friends". (she calls everyone "my friend") Kaitlyn got a ton of really cool presents and everyone had a great time!

Kaitlyn and Megan
Me and My Aunt Kim
Craig and The Girls
On Sunday Craig, my brother and I went and saw the movie "Step Brothers". The movie was HILARIOUS! We totally recommend it if you are looking for a good laugh!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend with Family!

This past weekend Craig and I got to spend some time with some family we don't get to see very often!
My cousin's Joseph and Jordan were here from Arizona. We bbq'd at my Aunt Kim's house Friday night. It was so nice to see them. The kids grow up SO FAST!
Saturday we headed up to Craig's parents' house and his cousin's Kim and JT were here from So Cal. We haven't seen them since... I think it was our wedding reception in April of last year! It was SO nice to visit with them and their adorable kids! We drank and partied the night away! Good times.
Kim and Jake... having their "bottles"
Craig and I being dorks!
Me and my Fave Sister in Law
Kaitlyn and Jenna - Cousins!
Kim and JT
JT having his "Peanut Cocktail"
Kim and JT... I don't really know haha

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday my work day ended like any other... I headed to the gym and as I was stepping onto the treadmill to get my workout ON Craig called. He told me that our friend Keith had a couple extra tickets to the Rockstar Mayhem Festival in his company's VIP box and if I wanted to go I had to get home NOW! Needless to say I hopped OFF the treadmill and got home. We headed out to the concert and we had a BLAST!!!! (to say the least... Thanks CVC!) I think I partied a little too hard for a work night (you could say I partied like a "ROCKSTAR" LOL!) and I am definately feeling it today but the concert rocked... it was well worth it!
Disturbed was there! I love them!!!!
We had a VIP booth !

Monday, July 14, 2008


Craig and I went back into the past on Sunday. We went to a BMX race in Roseville. WOW that brought back some memories! I am sure more so for Craig! It was so fun to go back to the sport Craig was SO into when we met. It was even nicer to see some of Craig's friends that we don't see often enough! CONGRATS are in order to Big Tool and Jamie on getting hitched, Brandon and Sarah on their new addition (in the works) yes... another baby is coming! Emma gets a new brother or a sister! Last but not least congrats to Billy and Kari... Dylan is SO CUTE! I Can't believe he is already a year old! It was SO nice seeing all of you! We have to get together more!
Craig and Brandon... BMX "buds"

Married 7/12/2008!

This weekend a friend of mine from work got married! We never thought it would happen but they did it! I loved it... were so in love it was so cute to see! Congrats! You guys make a great couple!
Karen and I
Karen's daughter Isabelle and I
Me and all the ladies from my office
Last but not least... the happy couple! Karen and Shane!
There was another wedding this weekend that Craig and I (unfortunately) weren't able to make it to. (So sorry we couldn't make it... between my lack of vacation time and FUEL it was impossible!) Our cousin Jared married his long time sweetheart Jen! Congratulations you two! We are so happy for you and we wish we could have been there to share your happy day. We hope to see you soon! Have fun on your honeymoon! Welcome to the family Jen!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Italian Night... kinda!

So as most of you know I LOVE to cook. I normally only cook REAL food on weekends. This week I was craving Italian food! I mentioned this to Craig and apparently we have two different ideas of what "Italian Food" means to us!

Here's my idea...
Here's Craig's idea...
Sad but true! LOL!Well I guess the P'zone idea means a lot less work for me! I can take this weekend off and stay out of the kitchen! Craig has a deep love for P'zones and has been talking about ordering some since they came back out! How could I possibly deny him of his dream? HAHA!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

It has been a LONG weekend to say the least! It's been packed full of good times! I took a ton of pictures (as usual).
Friday (the 4th) was my mom's birthday and the annual "block party" at my Aunt Kim's house. We partied all day and most of the night. There was TONS of food and drinks (of course) and most of our close family and friends. We could not have had a better time! A few of us got "antiqued"! YES EVEN ME! But I deserved it! I had a hand in antiquing my Grandpa Tony, Andrea and even Brian... who wasn't sleeping! That's cheating! Tyler got me in the end when I crashed on the floor! Hey... it was a LONG DAY!
Saturday was Andrea's birthday. We went to Joe's Crab Shack on the Sacramento River. It was SO good! Craig and I have been wanting to try some good seafood! We definately recommend it! Since it was Andrea's birthday she got to get up and perform a hula dance for everyone in the place! After all of that excitement we headed out and walked around "Old Sac" (no not that kind... dirty birdy!) and stopped into another bar where they "gave" Andrea a slice of Banana Cream pie which I found out (yes after 9 years and I never knew) is Craig's favorite and he had to order himself a slice. Interesting that when we got the bill the BIRTHDAY slice for Andrea was on it! How nice! They charged us for the piece of pie they were "giving" Andrea for her birthday! LOL! When everyone polished off the pie we headed out to Crawdad's... also on the river! We had a good time sipping cocktails and laughing... for the most part!
Here are some fabulous pics of our weekend!

Craig and I

Avery, Megan and Lulu

Me and My Aunt Kim

My Mother in Law, Me and my Mom

Tiffany and I

Everyone loves J-E-L-L-O! Even Mother in Laws!

Janet, Andrea and Your's Truly!

Spenser and his helmet! He's special!

Me after being "antiqued"! I was a good sport!

Joe's Crab Shack

Veronica and I w/ the Birthday Girl!

Gettin' ready for her Hula debut!

Birthday Shots!
After a FEW birthday shots!

Veronica and Andrea gettin' down! No pole is safe!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost the 4th!!!

I can't WAIT for the 4th of July! I think it's my favorite holiday!!! What better way to get into the "spirit" than making Jell-o Shooters!?!?!?!
Not the BEST picture but SEE...

Dorky, I KNOW! But it's me we are talking about!!!! Are you surprised?
It kinda looks like I had a few before I tried to arrange them. Weird. LOL!

9 Years Already!

I can't believe it! Craig and I have been together 9 years on Friday (July 4th!!!! Well our first "date" was July 5th but we have been together non stop since the 4th! But who's counting!?!?!?). The time has passed so quickly! Even though we are married now and not "supposed" to celebrate this anniversary anymore I feel we have come a long way and it was worth mentioning!

I just have to say that through all ups and downs, happy times and sad I am so happy to be with someone I love so much and that feels the same about me. We have been and will always be there for eachother! "CHEERS" to many more happy years!

At this rate we will hit 50 years before we know it!