Thursday, April 30, 2009


As you know... if you know me... I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!

Cinco De Mayo (5th of May) is right around the corner. I am so excited. Any excuse to eat Mexican food is OK with me!

I think Craig and I will celebrate this weekend. I would like to celebrate by making these items...


Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sunday Full of Milestones for our Friends!

What an awesome weekend.

Our weekend was pretty relaxing… well mine was anyway =)

Friday night Craig and I made carne asada tacos with homemade guac and salsa together and VEGGED out all night! It was great.

Saturday Craig went riding all day… when he got home we had friends coming over within about 15 minutes! =) Jon and his girlfriend Morgan came over and I made us pizza and salad. The pizza crust was a little SALTY. Live and learn… It was my first time making my own dough. The recipe called for a tablespoon of salt, which I thought was kind of a lot but went with it anyway. I hope that Jon and Morgan don’t hold it against me! Hopefully I can make it up to them and make dinner again! The pizza was still good but we had to drink extra beer to wash it down LOL!

Sunday was awesome. We got to meet our friends Randy and Amy's newest addition to their family...

Randy and Amy tried for YEARS to get preggers and had some fertility issues. Finally last year they announced they were pregnant! Parker Jewelianna arrived April 8, 2009 (missed my bday by two hours!). We stopped by to visit Mommy, Daddy and Baby for a little while. I forgot my camera so I have no pics but you better believe Parker is beautiful! Well worth the wait I would say!!!! Both parents looked amazing… especially AMY after GIVING BIRTH TWO WEEKS AGO! They both had a happy glow about them! Craig and I are so happy for them!

While we were at Randy and Amy's our friends Justin and Shelby stopped by. They just bought a house not far away so we decided to stop over there and check it out. They got an awesome deal on the place. It needs a little work but it has so much potential. It's on a nice sized lot… good sized house… open kitchen/living area, etc!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Collie Buddz!!!

Well hello there! Sorry I have been a total slacker with this blog lately!


We went to a reggae concert with Spenser, Keith and Alicia Wednesday night. It's been awhile since we have been to any reggae concerts because (for some reason) they are always on WEEK NIGHTS and about an hour away and some of us have to WORK at 8am!!!

Craig found out that Collie Buddz was going to be playing at a nice little upscale lounge in Sac. Spenser actually turned us onto Collie Buddz recently. Funny because Spenser used to be ANTI-REGGAE! LOL... now he is hooked! It happens!

We had time for a quick dinner at a place we have wanted to try. As you know... I am addicted to the Food Network and this place is owned by Guy Fieri... my FAVE Food Network "personality". The place is called TEX WASABI... where they have ROCK N ROLL and SUSHI BBQ! It was a really cool place. We sat at the bar and the bartender was super nice and helped us decide what to order. I got a Scottsman sushi roll which consisted of SPICY TUNA (my fave) in place of Unagi (which is eel), cucumber, avacado and some kind of salad. They dip it in a tempura batter and deep fry it. The boys got GRINGO sushi, which is things like teryiaki chicken or bbq pulled pork in a sushi roll with french fries and stuff like that. We pretty much shared everything and had a beer and were on our merry little way!

We called our friends Keith and Alicia last minute (on our way to Tex Wasabi) to tell them about the concert. Luckily they didn't have anything going on and were able to meet up with us. We don't see them that often so it was SO nice to hang out ! Plus the place the concert was held was a nice little lounge atmosphere so we weren't far away from the action!

We had a blast and I do have pictures, however, my camera is at home! Here's one that Keith sent me of Alicia and I.

I got some good pics of Collie Buddz where it actually looks like he is smiling right at me! LOL I doubt that he was but it looks good! HAHA
On the agenda for this weekend...
Making dinner tonight... Carne asada tacos... our fave. Maybe with friends if they can make it
Tomorrow Craig will be riding at Stonyford... my CRASH site. BE CAREFUL BABY!
Sunday... no plans... YAY!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring or Summer??

WOW… 94 degrees today! I thought April was SPRING but right now it sure feels like Summer. I can’t believe it. I am loving the gorgeous weather but would like a little Spring before Summer hits us head on!

As of now, Craig and I have NO plans! LOL I would like to keep it that way! =) We had a blast last weekend but Saturday was a little too busy. We may have a sushi date with friends but other than that, we are all clear! MMM there’s always time for SUSHI! =) I love that Craig even likes it. He’s not very adventurous when it comes to food, so I am pretty surprised/happy that he has found some sushi he likes.

Well… I better get to work!

Have a great day… STAY COOL!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another awesome weekend!

Yep... we were lucky enough to have another awesome weekend! It was busy, but everything went pretty much exactly as planned!!!!

I am being REALLY lazy, so you can read more about our weekend HERE! Plus I don't have the pics on my work computer so I wouldn't be able to post them quite yet anyway!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little late...

Hello there!!!

This post is a little late.. Easter was a few days ago BUT...


I hope everyone had a good one and the Easter Bunny was good to you!

I have posted a little slide show of our weekend! We had an awesome time at Sand Mountain.

The trip started off a little hectic... we had to take a detour due to a hostage situation that closed down I80! We took the "scenic route" but it was dark so not that "scenic"! The roads were curvy and scary in my opinion but thank god Craig is a good driver. Even though I get stressed out, I know he has control. The weather was pretty good for the most part too... we hit a tiny bit of snow and rain but nothing crazy.

Everyone partied it up while we were there... we colored easter eggs and the kids got to hunt for them! It was a great weekend!

Now we are gearing up for Jennifer's (my sister in law) baby shower! Hard to believe her little guy will be here soon!!!!!! Time flies!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another year... gone and a new hair do!

Well 28 has come and gone! Now on to bigger better things.. 29! =)

I had a really good night considering how busy Craig and I were.

As I have mentioned we have been celebrating my birthday for a couple of weeks now. Since Craig and I are getting ready to leave on our annual Easter trip we were super busy last night getting ready. Because of the weather, we will likely be leaving tonight. That means we had a TON of stuff to get done last night… even though it was my birthday!

Rewind… I had a really good day yesterday. Lots of HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes from my family and friends. An awesome start to my day. I got to have Mexican food with my friend Erica from work.

Right after work I headed to my salon to have my hair done. I got cute "peek-a-boo" highlights. Sorry about the crappy pictures but at least you can see how it turned out. I am totally happy with it!

I didn't get out of the salon until after 8! Craig picked up some of my FAVORITE fish tacos for dinner and had a nice little card and my mascara waiting for me. I didn't ask him for anything for my birthday… I went shopping over the weekend and got a couple nice little things and also figured my new highlights could count as my present!

I inhaled my fish tacos and immediately started making my salsa and pasta salad. I did laundry, showered, packed and we hit the hay! Not the typical birthday but since we have been celebrating so much lately, I didn't mind!
So that was my birthday! =) Hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER! Don't eat too many easter eggs! EWW! LOL

Monday, April 6, 2009

And the countdown begins...

The countdown to my 29th birthday that is!

Craig had I had a great weekend! We hung out with friends on Friday night and had SUSHI... for my birthday. Saturday I went shopping... for my birthday. And Sunday we BBQ'd with the family... for my birthday! I love it. It's the never ending birthday! I have been celebrating since March 28th when I went on that amazing wine tour with my girls!

Here are some pics... as you can see it was a pretty casual laid back bbq. The boys skateboarded all day and the girls sipped vodka/cranberry cocktails!

MMM Carrot Cake... my fave! THANKS BREE!
My "princess" glass! Thanks again Bree!
Craig's bitch
Focused... beer and all!
Special ed... YES they busted out the office chair!
I am glad his helmet isn't buckled... a lot of good that will do!
Spenser too
He took this pic himself!
Foster took this one too... I think he was trying to capture the beauty of the perfect day!
This is the first time I have ever seen Craig skateboard!
Who knew his "bitch" wasn't just for looks!
One of the coolest kids ever!
One of the coolest presents ever!
Thanks Ed, Donna and Grandpa!!!
That pretty much sums it up! I had an awesome day. Thanks again to everyone! I love you guys!
I will be 29 in EXACTLY 3 HOURS!!! OMG!