Friday, October 15, 2010

Enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy

Good morning!

Well here I am, blogging at... well it's not even 5 am yet, but by the time I finish this post it will be =)

WHY would I be up this early, you ask? No idea. Sometimes I wake up around 4am STARVING and I have to eat breakfast and can't go right back to sleep. Thank you Miss Hailey =) This is probably the 4th or 5th time this has happened since I got pregnant!

Sooooo I am writing this post to sum up my last few weeks of pregnancy. I have been really bad about posting anything but my weekly updates, but Craig and I have actually had just a little fun here or there rather than just waiting for Hailey to make her appearance.

As you may know, I have been off work since September 21 and it's been AMAZING! The first week or two Craig and I worked on getting the house ready and some little projects. Since then, I have been living the life of leasure (LOL) waking up when I want (normally around 7am), eating breakfast, working out, etc. but all on my own time. I LOVE not having a schedule to keep to. The only thing I have really HAD to do is make it to my weekly doctor's appointments.

I have been feeling really good... sometimes I think TOO good and the baby is NEVER going to come out =) I thought that if I worked a couple weeks longer the baby was sure to make an early arrival, but since I took off 4 weeks before she was due, she's taking her sweet time. I am starting to get anxious for her to hurry and get here but I am enjoying my time waiting!

Craig and I haven't been up to much. Honestly, we hang out around the house watching reality TV, listening to music, he's nesting, .etc.

In my free time, I packed a couple of bags for Hailey and I...

Can never be too prepared =)

My bag isn't completely packed yet but the things I don't need right now are ready to go!

We went to dinner at Mongolian BBQ (like 30 times since I have been prego! LOL). I always get these weird fortunes in my fortune cookies that seem pretty meaningless, but one night I got this one... which I LOVED and kept for Hailey's baby book!

I'd say so! =)

Oh... here's some proof I can still see my toes!

Note - I have a lot of free time on my hands LOL

Aside from that, we have had just a little bit of FUN here and there!

Our friends Keith and Alicia welcomed baby Kaleb Vincent into the world August 15th. We finally got around to going to meet him two weeks ago! He's a DOLL! Holding him was totally surreal because not only was that a part of Keith and Alicia and now he was here and precious as ever, but it reminded me that in a couple of short weeks we too would have our little bundle of joy in our arms!

I hope Keith and Alicia don't mind that I "stole" this cute little newborn pic =)
Isn't he precious????

Last weekend we were talking to our friend Jon and he mentioned he and his wife were heading to the pumpkin patch that weekend and asked if we wanted to go. I told Craig that I would L O V E to go... I haven't been in years and Craig had never been to the one closest to our town. We had to go check it out and make sure it's ok for Hailey to visit next year ; )

We decided to go and had a great time! Here are a few pics...

Perfect! Now we know where to go when the BIG DAY arrives!


We found a corn maze and decided to take our chances! Didn't take us long... about 15 minutes.

After the corn maze, we took a little hay ride to find Hailey's 1st pumpkin! She's not here yet, but it will bve here waiting for her =)

The candy is for her too ; )

There you have it... the little bit of fun we have had while waiting for our baby girl!

Won't be long now... stay tuned!

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