Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

WOW! I can't believe Christmas came and went and today is new years eve and I am just blogging about it... better late than never in my book =)

This year we celebrated Hailey's 2nd Christmas! It felt like it was her 1st christmas all over again... last year she was only 2 months old and really not able to get into it like she did this year.

Every year we spend Christmas eve at my aunt's house. We eat, drink, laugh, party the evening away... open presents and then eat, drink and party more =)

This year Hailey did all of those things with us. She absolutely LOVES her cousins and she gives them a run for their money just like they do with her.

Here is a peek at our Christmas eve...

Hailey and Uncle Spenser

Daddy wanted proof that Hailey held her arms out to be held by him LOL

Hailey will climb anything and stand on top!

Hailey's "pimp cup"

Hailey and Megan

Present time!

Spenser LOVES present time!

"Just layin' here opening presents!"

Foster opening his FAVORITE present.. from us!

Megan loves iTunes!






Having a seat

We had an awesome time at Aunt Kim's... but we had to get home so Santa could come and leave some goodies for Hailey!

(excuse the TV stand we use as a toy box already!)
Santa brought Hailey a bunch of goodies and filled her stocking!

She loved her bean bag chair!

She kept getting out and face-planting back into it!

She is still obsessed with this little light up snowman ornament with her name on it =)

I am pretty sure she was getting ready to stand on her Magna-Doodle in this pic... Daddy failed to get a pic of her actually standing on it! LOL

There's that ornament again!

Gotta have a pic with mommy on Christmas morning!

More partying on the bean bag chair

Running out of steam...

Is this not my bean bag chair?

I need a nap!

After a little napping, we made our way to Grandma and Grandpa's house to celebrate with them and Hailey's other cousins... Austin and Kaitlyn... and their mommy and daddy too!


There was more "partying"!

Love the tongue in this pic!



A tractor for Austin!

Little People!!!! Look how excited she is! LOL Mommy looks excited!

Kaitlyn got a cool camo backpack!

Presents for everyone!

Here are a couple pics from the morning after!
Bedhead and Magnadoodle go hand and hand!

Hailey's FAVORITE ornament in action!

A tutu the morning after Christmas is mandatory, I think!

She LOVES her bean bag chair, thanks Santa!!!!!

So there you go... a PHOTO HEAVY recap of our Christmas... it was VERY merry!!!!

We love and appreciate all of our family... we had an amazing time celebrating this special time of year with all of them!

Next up... NEW YEARS! Bring it 2012!


Danielle said...

Delia got that same Little People dollhouse! Glad she loves her bean bag chair =)

Julie said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Love Hailey's new bean bag chair!