Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Uncle Brian!

Last weekend was a busy one for us... we had a birthday party to attend for a friends baby who just turned 1 on Friday night. I forgot my camera, so I have no pics =( They had a couple Yo Gabba Gabba characters at the party, Hailey was not a fan! LOL They were huge, a little scary, even to me!

Saturday we had a couple things going on. We were totally bummed because we had two big birthday parties scheduled the same night. Our friends' son Mark was turning 18 and my Uncle Brian was celebrating his 40th! Luckily they were close to eachother, so we made an appearance at Mark's 18th birthday party and then went on to my uncle Brian's 40th!

Just to let you know, I got almost NO pictures of any adults and 99% of my pictures are of Hailey! I guess I have a favorite subject to photograph now!

I love this pic I got of Hailey running around at Mark's birthday...
She's not my little baby anymore, she's all KID!

I guess I should have tried to get a picture of the birthday boy... oopsie!

After visiting for a little bit, we headed over to my aunt's house for Brian's birthday party! There were tons of people, lots of kids, anything and everything to eat and drink, and last but not least a DJ... complete with flashing lights and fog! (Note: Hailey is also not a fan of fog!)

This party was super fun because Hailey was entertained by all the kids and she LOVED dancing to the music! The other kids did too! The DJ was such a great idea.

Here are some pics...

Note: Spenser was not the DJ =) But he was taking it all in!

The DJ is the guy on the left, his name is Daniel and he works with Brian and Spenser.

We have got to get one of these!

This is where the party really got started!

Foster break dances!

Julissa can do the splits! Well, kinda!

My little dancing machine!

Hailey was taking notes

The cake

I did get a pic of this birthday "boy"...

Make a wish...

I just realized I am a horrible Auntie... Kaitlyn was there and I don't have any pictures of her... well none that aren't the back of her head. In my defense, she's a mover! Does not stand still!

Everyone had so much fun! I spared Uncle Brian a picture of him not long after this one was taken... he wasn't feeling well................... Bottle flu... Oopsie!

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