Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hailey had a boo boo

This morning Hailey and I had to make a stop at Urgent Care. Her arm was bothering her last night and this morning and she wouldn't put any weight on it. Nothing happened where she was crying like something hurt her, so I literally had no idea what was going on.

Once we got to Urgent Care she was running around the waiting room climbing on chairs... using that arm like nothing happened. Figures! The doc who saw her said it's not uncommon for little kids to have their radius (bone in the forearm) pop out of socket because its so tiny, he said something as small as another kid grabbing them by the arm or something like that can do it. He said that its very common. Normally as they keep moving it here or there it pops back in on its own. Apparently that's what must have happened. She seems fine now. Thank goodness.

I can tell you she was NOT happy to be at the doctor...

She knows that she normally gets a couple shots when we go =( No fun.

But that frown turned up side down when she picked 4736453 bracelets out of the toy box on the way out...

In other news, Hailey has a new found love...

"I do yoga, Mama!"

LOL a girl after my own heart =) I have a yoga buddy!

I love the idea of Hailey doing yoga with me sometimes. I want her to be healthy and want to do things like yoga and know that exercise can be relaxing and/or fun! Hopefuly it sticks with her!.

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Julie said...

Awww poor Hailey, trips to the DR. are no fun! Glad she's okay.