Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Good morning! Once again here I am sneaking in a quick blog post while Hailey's still snoozing away and I have a few spare minutes on my hands!

This year we headed to my aunts house, as we do most other years. It’s always a small, but close group of us. Our little family, My aunt and her family, my brother, my mom, my grandpa, Craig’s parentsand grandpa swung by, some of the neighbor kids pop in and out all day, some of the older drunken neighbors pop on all day Winking smile LOL… just a good group of people!

We ate, drank and were merry, there was football, laughs, etc. The “usual”, which is exactly how we like it.

Thanksgiving 2012-2
I made this YUMMY brie!
Thanksgiving 2012-5
There were deviled eggs

Thanksgiving 2012-6
and LOTS of other goodies

Thanksgiving 2012-15
Thanksgiving 2012-20
Thanksgiving 2012-21
Thanksgiving 2012-22
Thanksgiving 2012-25
Thanksgiving 2012-26
Thanksgiving 2012-28
Thanksgiving 2012-36
The kids played...

Thanksgiving 2012-39
The boys watched football

Thanksgiving 2012-45
Thanksgiving 2012-46
Thanksgiving 2012-51
Thanksgiving 2012-58
Thanksgiving 2012-63
Thanksgiving 2012-64

We all ate WAY too much!!!

After dinner settled, Craig and I headed to Target for some what is now “BLACK THURSDAY” deals. They opened @ 9, so we got there around 8:30, waited in a huge line that wrapped around the back of the store. We ended up getting what we went for (and then some), so it was worth it! The check out line was the worst part…weaving in and out of aisles, like freaking Disneyland. The people weren’t AS crazy as I had seen on the news, thank GOD! People get way too serious about shopping this time of year. I am all for getting a good deal, but there comes a point when it’s just not worth it.
Hope you had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING as well!

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