Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yep... I'm still alive and kickin'

LOL... I know I have been pretty much MIA over on this blog! SORRY! We have been busy and I have way more pics to upload over here than I normally do on the other one!

Last you heard we were getting ready to leave for PISMO for Labor Day weekend.

We left on a Thursday evening after work and arrived around midnight.

The weekend was great... We had our friends Jason and Jamie staying with us, Jamie's sister and bro in law brought their trailer, Craig's parents (they even brought Kaitlyn, our niece, with them!), Brandon and Veronica, Tatum and Steve and some friends of theirs, Patty and Jose and some of their family (LOL have a little story about them but I will refrain from telling it here! HAHA) and last but not least Craig's parents' friends Tracy and Marcia.

Pismo is definately  my FAVORITE place to camp. I love anywhere I get to wake up to the beach right outside my window.

There were lots of LATE nights. I think most nights we went to bed around 3 am! A new record for me! LOL I am normally in bed early these days. Something about the full moon  I guess!

Here are some pics...

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Becca said...

Hi Jamie! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I am really trying to bust my butt to get in my ideal shape for the Monster Mash...6 weeks to go! My blog has been negelected lately but I am going to try to post more frequently so stop on by anytime!!

Hope you're having a great day!