Monday, June 7, 2010

How we spent our weekend...

This weekend was a busy one!

Our friends Jon and Morgan got married in South Lake Tahoe, CA. At the same place we got married! It was so cool watching a wedding there.

The weather couldn't have been better. It was a beautiful day for a wedding!

The happy couple!

And another happy couple =)

This can also be my "20 weeks pregnant" shot!

Sunday was spent grocery shopping, washing my car and Craig and Spenser helped me clean our blinds, window seals and tracks. WOW what a day.

Spenser even helped Craig wash our dogs! AWWW so nice. I was beat and didn't have it in me to wash the dogs on top of all of that other stuff.

We had a great weekend! Now back to the grind!

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Courtney said...

You look great. That bump wil just show up one day and you will look down and say "where did that come from?"