Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a weekend!

Well we had an eventful Memorial Day Weekend… to say the least =)

We headed to Sand Mountain as we do every year. The trip started off great… until we completely lost a rim/tire on I80. Yep… the wheel and tire where ripped off of our trailer completely due to the lovely workmanship of the State of California's road maintenance… or lack there of. I have to say that even though the situation sucked, it could have been way worse so I feel lucky that me, Craig and our doggies (and Baby J!) were not hurt and neither was anyone else. Thank you God!

Here's the damage...

After a 7 hour delay (Craig making phone calls and fixing our trailer… including putting on an entirely new axle) we were back on our way to Sand Mountain! We finally arrived around 6:30 pm. A 4.5 hour trip turned into a 12 day! We were happy to finally get there!

I spent my weekend relaxing, reading and visiting with friends and Craig spent his weekend taking all of our friends for rides in the Rzr…His other "wife" LOL. He's so in love w/ that thing. Money well spent, I guess!

Me and my "baby daddy"

My hubby's so handsome

Craig had a blast taking EVERYONE on rides!

We originally planned on coming home Sunday evening but Craig talked me into staying "one more night". I am a pushover and agreed. So we rushed home on Monday just in time (ok… 30 min late) for our nephew Austin's first birthday! He had a pool party to celebrate. You know a first birthday is nothing without the first birthday "swim" in cake. Let me tell you, that kid DEVOURED his cake! He tore into that thing like there was no tomorrow! I have never seen a kid SO into the "first birthday cake" thing. I loved it!

Posed long enough for ONE picture!

And dug in...

Austin devoured his cake... as you can see!

After the party was over, Craig and I finally got home and I got to get SOME rest. Just a little. Here I am exhausted at work, but we did have a great weekend.

I am sure the next "few" weekends will be filled with organzing our house and getting ready for our baby girl to arrive! Oh… I almost forgot we have a wedding next weekend… and I have a baby shower the weekend after that… oh REST how I will miss you! LOL

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