Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby J in 3D!

Craig and I had our 3D ultrasound scheduled for last night!

What an amazing experience! Can I just say that I LOVE technology! Being able to see our baby girl's face while she is in my belly was quite the experience!

Just as I was afraid of, Baby J wasn't as cooperative as we would have hoped she was going to be. She had her hand and the cord infront of her face, which was buried way down low near my hip bone (which we were unable to move out of the way! LOL) so we couldn't get any pictures head on. I have to say I am still pretty happy with the pictures we got.

The lady who did the ultrasound was SUPER nice. She tried and tried to get our baby girl to move, but she wasn't having it. We scheduled a follow up appointment and hopefully next time we can get some better shots.

Here is what we've got so far...

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Courtney said...

Amazing! Happy 3rd tri!!