Friday, September 24, 2010


36 weeks and I am finally free from work! I am so happy to be off!

I have to say, I have been busier at home than I would have been at work. Today, I am pretty much exhausted!

I don't know if it's the fact that I am doing more physical things at home and still working out OR if the pregnancy is just starting to take its toll because Hailey is getting bigger and taking up more of my energy but I am freaking exhausted! Totally drained by the late afternoon.

What have we been up to, you ask?

As you know, my last day of work was Tuesday. Tuesday night Craig and I went to pick out paint for the living/dining room and had yummy Mongilian BBQ for dinner.

Wednesday rolled around and I went to the gym and had a doctor's appointment and we painted. Craig painted the living/dining area and I did some "arts and crafts" for Miss Hailey.

A couple of weeks ago we bought some letters to hang on the wall in the baby's room. I had Craig paint them black, which was cute but a little to masculine for my taste. I decided to brighten them up a bit. I'm far from being "crafty" but I am very happy with how my project turned out. 

On Thursday Craig had to actually WORK, so I was on my own. I had my maternity photo shoot... where I slipped on our new floor and fell right on my A$$! So embarassing but thank god my booty broke my fall! There's plenty of padding in that area!

After pictures I relaxed a little and made my way to the gym and later Craig and I had our hospital tour. Honestly, there wasn't much to see. We have seen the rooms before. They showed us labor and delivery and postpartum. There were no cute little babies to see in the nursery because they are all  being left with "mommy" during their stay.

Today (Friday), I went with my aunt and her kiddos to Roseville and didn't do any shopping... how did that even happen? My aunt got a few thingsf for the kids. I was most excited about lunch at my favorite place, PLUTOS! They have the best salads EVER!!!!! Oh. I lied... I did shop a little. I bought carmel corn from Popcornopolis. Best. Popcorn, Ever!

LOL Best salads and popcorn EVER all in one day! WOW!

Now Craiger is home from work and "resting" his eyes... which always leads to a nap and I am blogging!

Oh blogging... how I missed you!

As promised, here are some pictrures of our new floors! Please excuse the old couches... we need new ones... don't judge!

Ugh... things look a little plain... all that's missing in this picture is our clock. I need to decorate! We've only been here like 8 years... it's probably time.
Yes... I ALWAYS watch the Food Network!

Daisy loves the new floor!

Look who I found in the baby's room today...

ROXY! She's so funny. I always find Daisy laying around in Hailey's room, but never Roxy! All curled up in that little rug. So cute!

That's all I've got for now!


Leslie said...

I am soooo jealous you are free from work!!! I have two more weeks to go.

I love how your letters came out!! We have thought about putting up letters as well but have not bought any yet!

I am glad that things are going so well for you! Less than 4 weeks to go!! = )

Julie said...

I love how your letters turned out, good job! And your floors look great!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh, more nursery pics PLEASE!! It looks great! So happy for you to be off work and de-stressin' before Hailey comes!!