Sunday, March 6, 2011

Foster Turns 5!

Hailey’s cousin, Foster, had his 5th birthday party this weekend!

Hailey started off strong in the morning… she was in a good mood, happy baby, seemed to feel fine. Later was another story. Poor girl fell asleep on the way to the party and when she woke up mommy fed her and from then on she was spitting up like CRAZY… literally like never before and pretty fussy. My poor baby was not a happy camper. I felt really bad because she had a lot of people looking forward to seeing and meeting her.
The calm before the storm =)

And it begins…

The good news is, everyone had an awesome time! There was great food, family, drinks, a jump house… what’s not to like?

The birthday boy!

My girl and I

Hailey and Auntie. See what I mean? Not Hailey’s best day!

Hailey’s friend Kate and her mommy Vanessa

Kate with her mommy and daddy. Kate is thirsty...

Hailey and her Great Aunt “Keem”

Vanessa, Me, Kate and Hailey… notice Kate grabbing Hailey’s hand… SO CUTE!

Hailey and Grandma.
See the pukey bib? We went through 3 burp rags and 3 bibs in about 3 hours.

Family pic… Hailey wouldn’t look =(

Grandpa tickling Austin

Austin blew Hailey kisses

Foster going to TOWN on that piñata!

I would say Foster’s birthday was a “great success”!


Julie said...

Wow I can't beleive Foster is 5! Last time I saw him (well the only time I saw him hahaha) he was just a baby. Sounds like poor Hailey had a rough day. Looks like everyone else had fun though.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I got to see you guys yesterday! Hailey is getting so big! Don't worry, she will grow out of that fussy stage....eventually it will turn into the "talking back" stage! LOL!!!

Auntie Jennifer