Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My baby is 4 months old!

Good morning... No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth! LOL I am still here. Today I decided to skip the gym and play on the computer... something I don't get to do much anymore. Hailey is still passed out (I think), as is Daddy (because it's only 4:45am!), it's rainy and nasty outside and I know I will be kicking myself for skipping my run later but right now it feels so right =))

Sooo, what's new? My kid is 4 months old! How did this happen? I don't even know where the time has gone. She is growing up WAY too fast!

Since I have been back at work (boooooo) Hailey has been spending her days at my aunt's house. She's doing really good. Mommy may spoil her a little to much by holding her and smothering her with my attention when she is home, so some days she gives her auntie a run for her money. Other than that she is really good... my little social butterfly. She LOVES the other kids and that makes mommy very happy!

At 4 months old our girl weighs 16lbs 12oz and has grown to 27.5" long! She's a little giant. She's in the 95th percentile in height and weight.

We have suspected some teething for the last month or two but the pediatrician confirmed it at her 4 month appointment. Thank you Baby Orojel for helping us through the tough times =) Poor baby, I know that those teeth coming up probably hurt SO bad. She's been a really good sport. The pain seems to bother her most when she's tired and on the verge of sleep (which she fights!). The minute after I apply the Orojel she slowly lets her self drift off to sleep.

Other than that, the doc says she's right on track developmentally.  She's not quite rolling over yet, but I imagine she is going to have some abs of steel pretty soon. She's always trying to sit herself up from laying on her back. She's almost sitting up by herself. Still a little wobbly but getting stronger every day.

We tried feeding her cereal again a couple of days ago. She did better than the first time around but she still wasn't sure about it. I've been putting a little bit of the rice cereal in her bottle before I put her to bed and we have been getting a full nights sleep again =) I think her belly is ready for that little bit of extra food. She can only hold so much formula! We will keep trying with the cereal and keep ya posted.

Here are a few pics I've taken since the last post

I tried to do a little "photo shoot" myself... it didn't work out but I'm gonna keep trying! My model was amazing =)


Awww Roxy still gets some love

Look how sad poor Daisy is these days... she was so used to being the baby!

The cereal... 

She's not having it, yet!

And just for fun... 
He he... eyes wide open!


Julie said...

Finally! you updated your blog hahaha. Just kidding, I know you're busy. Love all the new pics. of Hails.

Teresa said...

I love all the pictures!! Hailey is a Doll and so happy, She looks so much like you did when you were a baby,

Love you always
Grandma Teresa