Friday, April 29, 2011

Hailey celebrated her first Easter!

If that's not a good reason to post, I don't know what is! =)

My baby girl has officially celebrated her very first Easter.

I am going to show you just how ghetto fabulous I am and post a picture of her picture with the Easter bunny. I didn't purchase the CD and I don't have a color scanner, so there!

Aside from my ghetto fab "pic of a pic", LOOK HOW CUTE! My baby smiled! I am so happy with her Easter bunny picture!

Hailey and I met up with "Auntie Dee" at the Galleria and I had completely forgotten I needed to have Hailey's picture taken w/ the Easter bunny. I had her dressed in that cute little white eyelet tank, jean shorts, legwarmers (Yes... LEGWARMERS LOL) and her cute little pink Vans. You can't really see anything but the shirt, and a little bit of the legwarmers but I would have been happy if the rest of the outfit was showing! It's not a fancy easter outfit, but I still loved it!

I loved it so much I happened to take this pic before we left that morning...

 On to Easter!

The Easter bunny paid Hailey a little visit...
Some how the Easter Bunny stuffed animal Auntie Jennifer got her hopped up in the basket too! =)

Hailey getting ready to dig into her basket

Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh

LOL... she's SO excited.

Daddy made us pancakes for breakfast... MMMMMMM! Never did I think those words would form a sentence together!

After breakfast, we got ready and headed over to "Great Aunt Keem's" to CELEBRATE!

We are SO festive... not only did we wear almost the exact same thing, but we both wore BLACK on Easter! Kinda sad, huh?

Me and my little princess

Happy little family!

Daddy and his girl


Hailey and her Grandmas

Hailey had another first on this day... SWINGING! She loved it.

I feel so bad, I meant to get at least ONE pic of Hailey with some of her cousins (some of her other cousins were camping and werne't able to be there) and I didn't. Bad mommy!

Hailey's first Easter was a "great success"! I hope she enjoyed it as much as we did.

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Julie said...

Happy 1st Easter Hailey! Looks like a fun day.