Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our baby is 7 months old!

Yep, 7 months already! I love love love watching her grow up, learn new things and become her own person, but it’s still so sad that it happens so fast!

With Hailey hitting 7 months we also have a lot of milestones to talk about!

Over the last 2-3 weeks Hailey has progressed like crazy.

She is now:

Sitting on her own!
Very well, I might add

Got not one but TWO teeth.
You can see if you look REALLY close! She didn't want me taking a picture inside her mouth apparently!

Finally rolled over from front to back! We have been waiting for this one for awhile!
(I have video but stupid Blogger isn't letting me upload it. Grrrrr!)

Hailey is also starting to learn how to use her "words". I realize she doesn't know exactly what she is saying or what it means but she says "dada" (like CRAZY), finally said "mama" yesterday and was saying "babababababababa", but since figuring out "dada" the "babababababa" has gone out the window. Daddies get all the glory =) LOL

(I also had video of her talking but you can blame Blogger for it not being here!)

Hailey also had another first yesterday... her first TORNADO warning and tornadoes touching down REALLY close to where we live... SEE

Craig exercised the storm chaser inside of himself and took this picture.

WTH????? I thought we lived in Nor Cal? This scares me!

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Julie said...

I still can't believe you guys had a tornado touch down! That is SO scary.

Happy 7 months Hailey!