Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Woooooooo! Finally able to blog a little, from an undisclosed location... SHHHHH!

Ok, well as you saw in my previous post, I had a birthday... the big 2 1!!!! Ok, well I might be stretching the truth a little there... just a little WINK, WINK!

Anyway, we had some friends over to celebrate. I promise, there were FRIENDS and not just kids LOL... since I had Hailey, she's really all I take pictures of anymore. Get used to it =)

It was SO nice to see all the people we haven't seen enough of lately! We were missing some important family members, but they had other trips planned and my party was kind of an after though on our part. I didn't give enough advanced notice.  No biggie, they all had fun doing their thing that weekend.

Here are those pics...

The kid is obsessed with chairs (and Red Bull and Nemo... LOL)

I absolutely adore this picture, I wish Hailey had her eyes opened a little more though, but its still pretty cute.

I do not know.


Miss Daisy doesn't make the blog as much as she used to. She was posed so pretty, I coudn't resist!

Ahhh, enough w/ the squinting, mommy wants a pic! =)

Birthday girl!

Hailey, her friend Kate and Kate's mommy Vanessa

Hailey and Victoria... Hailey is holding her hand... so cute!

Hailey and her buddy (and cousin) Foster

Man party over there...

Further proof my kid LOVES veggies =) She ate almost every single last tomato from that tray!

She also really likes ranch dip!

There you go, my birthday!!!!

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Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday. You look so pretty! I can't believe how big Hailey is getting, makes me sad,we haven't seen her in so long :(