Monday, April 9, 2012

Well hello there!

Blogger of the year... Right here!

I haven't blogged in so long, I don't even know where to start!

Pictures? Everyone loves pictures, right??

Photo dump!!!!! These are all pics from my phone, enjoy the randomness!

Cute pic my aunt took this morning!
Mama and her girl!
Date night!!! SUSHI!
Doritos Locos Taco... MMMMMM!!!!
St Patty's Day cookie!
Our beautiful girl!

New couch, Hailey approves!

Mommy = Fueled by coffeeeeeee!

Hailey had her pictures done and mommy posed in one with her. I am a horrible planner, daddy was working so he wasn't in any =(

Hailey had her first dentist appointment... she HATED it!

Finally someone to play with mommy's hair!
We had a double rainbow, in our backyard =)

Mommy had a birthday... this is her birthday hair!

... and got some really nice presents =)

Then the Easter bunny came!
Easter bath, Easter coffee!
Spying on the neighbors
The closest I could get her to stopping for a picture!

Daddy surprised Hailey with some fish... because her FAVORITE MOVIE is Finding Nemo. She loves the fish, but two of them died =( Including the big one pictured here. RIP Big Guy

Hailey is seriously obsessed with the Red Bull cans in the fridge, she grabs one EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we get into the fridge!

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Julie said...

I love the first picture of Hailey with the beanie, so cute! I also love your "birthday hair"!