Thursday, August 9, 2012

American Beauty

I took Hailey on a walk a few weeks ago and I took a picture of this adorable Americana fence decoration at a house I have walked past about a million times before. A photographer friend of mine told me what a great picture it was and how she wanted to meet up and take her twins' picture there and she wanted to try to do some of Hailey too, if I was interested. Which, of course I am =)

Well, we set a date and it just didn't work out... we still want to meet up, but in the mean time, I went ahead and took Hailey to "the spot" on my own. I'm pretty sure it would have worked out better with #1 my photographer friend taking the picture and #2 one of us trying to get her to LOOK and SMILE!

I did the best I could and this is the picture I got... I am in love =)

Here are a couple outtakes that I loved too...

I don't know! HA HA!

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