Saturday, August 11, 2012

Larsen Family Reunion - Moonshine - 2012

Last weekend we had the pleasure of camping out for 4 days at the Larsen family reunion which took place at the beautiful Moonshine Campground... the best part was that it was only about an hour from home... for us =)

Larsen is Criag's mom's maiden name. This reunion consisted of Craig's Grandpa Larsen (Where it all began ;), all of his children, all of their children and all of OUR children! We had about 40-45 people total.

It's been very, VERY hot here and this campground isn't very high up in altitude, so it wasn't much cooler where we were. Luckily we were camped right on the Yuba River and it was absolutely gorgeous and the perfect setting for hanging out in the water all day.

We took full advantage. We swam, ate, drank and caught up w/ family the entire time!

Seriously, look at this place!

This was the first night, but we hung out here under these tents all day every day!
Trying to get Hailey to look and smile...

My filthy kid! I think there's something to be said for pictures that show REAL life, kids get dirty!

Trying to take advantage of this gorgeous light

Dirty face! She was throwing sand UP... what goes up must come down!

Camping hair... just like mama!

"Big Ed knows how to cook a mean breakfast! The best bacon I have ever had!

My baby daddy ;)

Hailey playing peek a boo with Papa Larsen (where it all started!)

Passing along the tradition, Craig made breakfast one day!


Micky pancakes for Hailey!

Love this pic of Hailey and Grandma!

I am paranoid about dropping or breaking my nicer camera, so here are some shots from my little point and shoot. They are more of the daytime, by the water fun!

Taking mommy on a walk

Snagged a pic of me and my girl!


Hailey loved this little girl, Lily AKA: Linny

Daddy taking Hailey swimming or "fimming"

This scared the shhhhhh out of me! Those rocks can be slick, but daddy was very careful.
Hanging on the rock


All day long!

Hailey LOVED sliding down the rock with daddy and the other kiddos!


Nap time!

Hailey and "Auggie" conversating while Talon was in the tent

Kaitlyn hanging w/ Hailey in the river

The kids hanging on the rock

Daddy and his girl! <3

Hailey and Auggie playing

Uncle Brian helping Hailey with her shoes

Hailey LOVES doggies!

I was a little off to one side, but here's Grandpa with Donna, Ed, Craig and Jennifer

Grandpa and his great grandkids

Grandpa, Auggie, Hailey and Kaitlyn

Mommy and her girl!

Yep, once again I failed to get a picture of Craig, Hailey and I as a family =(


Danielle said...

Looks like lots of fun!!

Julie said...

Looks like sooo much fun! Let's plan a trip for next summer! What a special time for Don, having his family together in such an amazing place :)