Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

It has been a LONG weekend to say the least! It's been packed full of good times! I took a ton of pictures (as usual).
Friday (the 4th) was my mom's birthday and the annual "block party" at my Aunt Kim's house. We partied all day and most of the night. There was TONS of food and drinks (of course) and most of our close family and friends. We could not have had a better time! A few of us got "antiqued"! YES EVEN ME! But I deserved it! I had a hand in antiquing my Grandpa Tony, Andrea and even Brian... who wasn't sleeping! That's cheating! Tyler got me in the end when I crashed on the floor! Hey... it was a LONG DAY!
Saturday was Andrea's birthday. We went to Joe's Crab Shack on the Sacramento River. It was SO good! Craig and I have been wanting to try some good seafood! We definately recommend it! Since it was Andrea's birthday she got to get up and perform a hula dance for everyone in the place! After all of that excitement we headed out and walked around "Old Sac" (no not that kind... dirty birdy!) and stopped into another bar where they "gave" Andrea a slice of Banana Cream pie which I found out (yes after 9 years and I never knew) is Craig's favorite and he had to order himself a slice. Interesting that when we got the bill the BIRTHDAY slice for Andrea was on it! How nice! They charged us for the piece of pie they were "giving" Andrea for her birthday! LOL! When everyone polished off the pie we headed out to Crawdad's... also on the river! We had a good time sipping cocktails and laughing... for the most part!
Here are some fabulous pics of our weekend!

Craig and I

Avery, Megan and Lulu

Me and My Aunt Kim

My Mother in Law, Me and my Mom

Tiffany and I

Everyone loves J-E-L-L-O! Even Mother in Laws!

Janet, Andrea and Your's Truly!

Spenser and his helmet! He's special!

Me after being "antiqued"! I was a good sport!

Joe's Crab Shack

Veronica and I w/ the Birthday Girl!

Gettin' ready for her Hula debut!

Birthday Shots!
After a FEW birthday shots!

Veronica and Andrea gettin' down! No pole is safe!

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