Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!!!!

Baby Austin has finally arrived! A couple days late but he's here and he's HUGE!!!!

10lbs 12oz and 22.5 inches! That's a big baby!

Craig and I got a call this morning at about 6:45 from Craig's dad saying that Jennifer (Craig's sister), Matt and Kaitlyn were on their way to the hospital and Jennifer's contractions were pretty intense and it sounded like it could happen pretty fast.

Craig and I got up, showered and got ready... hit Starbucks on the way (we thought we needed to get something to eat cause we might be there for awhile... BOY were we WRONG). We arrived at the hospital and were met at the door with the news that Jennifer had already had the baby! She BARELY made it to the hospital in time to push! We couldn't believe it. The little guy was born at 7:48... about an hour after we got the call! Everything happend so fast Jennifer didn't have time for an epidural! Poor thing. She and baby were doing great when we got to see them. Jennifer is a CHAMP!

Here's the BIG guy...

Grandma, Grandpa and Big Sister looking in on Austin in the nursery

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