Monday, May 25, 2009


It's that time of year again (I can't believe it)... MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Time flies when you are having fun!

Craig and I went to Sand Mountian (an annual Memorial Day tradition) for the weekend.

We took off early Thursday morning. Craig's parents normally come with us but this trip they stayed behind waiting for Craig's sister's little bun in the oven to make his grand entrance. A very good reason to not have been able to make it BUT the little guy still hasn't arrived! He's running the show now! I am secretly a little happy that the baby isn't here yet because now Craig and I will hopefully be able to visit them in the hospital when the big day arrives! =)

Even without Craig's parents on this trip we had a huge group! Pretty much the usual attendees with a couple of newbies. Craig and I had a full house. Our friends Deidra and Landon stayed in our trailer... and Spenser of course (he's a built in fixture on our trips these days and we love it!). We ALMOST had another 3 people staying with us. Jason, Jamie and their little boy Aiden came up on Saturday but they decided a tent might be more comfortable! I am not sure they felt that way after the weekend was over BUT we have all tent camped at the sand at one time or another and that would be why we have trailers!!! LOL. Hopefully their experience wasn't too bad and there WILL be a next time!

All and all it was another successful weekend. We had a BLAST as usual! Lots of food, drinks, friends, laughs... what more could we want?? (well maybe a little less food and drink! LOL)
Here are a few pics... It may come as a surprise but I really didn't take THAT many!


Me, Dee and Tatum

The kids made a killing on SNOW CONES! I still think Patty should have gotten a CUT of the proceeds... she did a lot of the work!

Patty, Me, Dee and Jamie

A little sand storm!

Craig... the "Dune Princess"!

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