Friday, April 16, 2010

Surprise Photo Shoot =)

Our little Baby J had a surprise photo shoot today! Daddy got to come to Mommy's work and were able to sneak in to see how our little baby is growing!

I think the baby was loaded full of carbs from the bagel I had just devoured so he or she was very sleepy and didn't move around too much, but we were still able to get a couple good pics!

It's crazy how much developement happens over the course of a couple of weeks! The pics looked nothing like this the last time.

Hopefully the next ultrasound we can see if we are having a baby boy or baby girl! I am SO excited!

Oh... we also got to FINALLY hear our little baby's heart beating away! SO AMAZING!


Courtney said...

Great pics! I love surprises!

Anonymous said...

We cant' wait to meet our new grandbaby! It's such a miracle:)
Love, Grandma Donna & Grandpa Ed

Jennifer said...

What a cute baby! Looks like Baby J likes the Special K Red Berries too!