Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Update, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yes... Yes... Yes... I am still around! Man, It's hard to keep up w/ the blogging with a new baby! Especially when I have so many cute pics I want to post. Seems like loading pics takes way too long, but it's totally worth it.

Sooooo what's been going on, you ask?

Our daughter is now 10 weeks old (2 1/2 Months... WHAT?!?!?!)

She's growing up so fast. She smiles, laughs and squeels like crazy. I love our mornings together! She's totally a morning (little) person!

Our baby girl celebrated her first CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS over the last couple of weeks.

I'm not going to lie... I have been struggling with a lot of stress. I think the holidays really took a toll on me. New baby, not working = not making as much $, planning a New Years trip, etc. It was a lot on top of raging post pregnancy hormones. I'm feeling much better now! Whew...

On to the good stuff!

We celebrated Christmas eve at my family's house and Craig's parents, sister and the kids joined us too! We ate, drank and opened presents.

 "To Daddy, From Hailey"

 Mommy and her girl

 Hailey's 1st Christmas "Eve"

Merry Christmas EVE!

It was an earlier "Christmas Eve night" than usual because we were leaving as soon as Miss Hailey woke up on Christmas morning to head down to So Cal to spend Christmas day with Craig's family.

We wanted to take a few pics of Hailey opening her presents Christmas morning but she passed out right after she ate so we packed up and headed out.

We made the long drive to So Cal and made it just in time to celebrate Christmas day at Craig's cousin Kim's house. She went all out! If you are reading Kim... thank you SO much for everything =)

Craig and I don't get down to visit the family in So Cal often enough... It was so nice!

I'm horrible and didn't take ANY pictures =( This one is courtesy of Julie! Thank you Julie!

Mommy and Hailey on Hailey's 1st Christmas!

Since we were leaving for Glamis the next morning, we had our toy hauler with us and that's where we slept. "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" style!

It was nice to break up the LONG drive a little by stopping in LA. The drive to Glamis was about 4 hours from Kim's house.

We finally made it to Glamis to spend a WEEK and ring in the new year.

The trip included us, my brother Spenser, our friends Landon and Dedira, Craig's parents, Craig's cousin's and their families AND the AARP retirement group =)

There are TONS of pictures so enjoy the slide show!

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