Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slacking on the pictures!

I have been so bad about taking pics lately. I am normally a picture taking FREAK... the PAPARAZZI, if you will!

I feel so bad. I should be snapping pics like CRAZY of Hailey right now... she's growing up so fast and  want to remember this stage forever.

I have been taking some pics... but usually with my phone, since it's always handy. They aren't the best quality but they are better than nothing!

I thought I would share a few...

Random but cute =)

I have a feeling I will be taking a lot more pics now that Hailey is growing up and getting more of a personality. She smiles, makes faces, etc. Can't wait to post more =)


Julie said...

Great pictures! It's so wierd, in some of the pictures she totally looks like you and then in other ones she looks just like Craig. Can't wait to hold & cuddle her next week!

Leslie said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! I hope her 2 month appt goes well next week... I too can not believe how fast time is flying by! So happy everything is going well. I look forward to more pictures!