Sunday, March 8, 2009

Foster's 3! I can't believe it!

Well, Foster isn't actually 3 until tomorrow... his "actual birthday"! Time flies... it seems like YESTERDAY he was born! They grow up so fast!

We celebrated Foster's birthday today. He had an awesome "Cars" themed birthday party! He made OUT! He got a ton of cool "Cars" toys, had a jump house, a huge birthday cake and lots of friends and family to party with!

Wow... what a day! Now he has the whole rest of the LONG day to play with his new toys!!!
As I mentioned, today is a LONG day because the time finally changed! SPRING FORWARD! I am so happy! I have been waiting for longer days since... well since they got shorter! LOL! This means spring is right around the corner. It already seems like spring. The weather has been SO nice. I hope it stays this way!

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