Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Early Bday... to ME!

I have to start off by saying that nothing about my weekend disappointed! As soon as the clock hit 5 on Friday, I was OUT! I headed straight over to my aunts house... she had an early bday present for me to pick up before our wine tasting adventure on Saturday!

She got me an ADORABLE Lolita hand-painted wine glass to use for the tastings...

The glass has a yummy recipe on the bottom...

The Princess
Peach Schnaps
White wine

I came straight home from my aunts and tidied up the house a little and my friend Deidra arrived with her dog Molly!

We were starved and headed out the door immidiately! We went to my fave sushi spot and yes... I got the "Fried Spicy" roll. TO DIE FOR! We had a couple of beers with dinner.

I was so excited I barely slept Friday night! Talk about feeling like a little kid on Christmas Eve!

As soon as Saturday morning rolled around Deidra and I were up and running! We woke up at about 6:30am and sipped on some coffee. We wanted to be able to take our time getting ready.

Everyone began arriving around 8:30 ready to PARTY! The limo came at 9 and we were off and immediately started "celebrating". Mimosas all around! The windows were down (it was a GORGEOUS day) and we (by we I mean I) messed with people the whole way there. Waving out the window and acting crazy! LOL Hey... it's what I do.

We arrived at the first winery, Frank Family Vineyards, and began our tasting. They had some really good wines. As we were leaving the tasting room the guy pulled my friend and I aside and into another tasting room where he had us try the best cabernet I have ever had! I passed on the $85.00 bottle in hopes of finding something a little cheaper but just as good.

We stopped between wineries at a very busy deli/grocery store with a huge wine selection. After that we were off to Louis Martini. This winery was beautiful and we even got a tour of the temperature controlled storage room lined with casks. The wines here were amazing! They are known for their reds. I should have bought a bottle or two here but passed on those as well.

We had planned on going to Sterling on this trip but we were running late and ended up skipping it because we had appointments at the other two wineries. We had time to QUICKLY hit one more winery before leaving Napa, but I was in PARTY MODE and decided we should hit the grocery store and get some vodka and mixers and party all the way home. I think I had more fun in the limo than out of it!!! We had the best limo driver I could have asked for. His name was Richard and he was the nicest guy and definately got an earful of girly gossip all day. He was a trooper! Super nice guy... if and WHEN we do this again I will be making a special request for him to drive. He rocked!

I took a ton of pictures so I decided the best way to show em off would be a slideshow... enjoy!

Needless to say, my weekend was a huge calorie fest. I didn't care to think about what I was eating/drinking or how big it was going to make my A$$! LOL I am definately on DAMAGE CONTROL this week!

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