Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can hardly contain my excitement!

Ok so I know my birthday is a little less than a month away, BUT I am super excited because me and some of my closest girlfriends are going on a LIMO GUIDED WINE TASTING TOUR in NAPA VALLEY! I have wanted to do one of these tours for SO long. Craig isn't really a wine drinker, but I love the stuff. He has never really had much interest in going tasting so I knew I would have to get some of my girls together for one. What better excuse than my BIRTHDAY???

Here are the details...
The limo picks us up at my place at 9am... we have about a 2 hour drive to Napa Valley. We are going to fully stock the limo with food and champagne. Water, soda and ice will be provided!

First stop - Sterling Vineyards

This is a self-guided tour of the grounds and then we get to taste! 5 wonderful wines by Sterling

Second stop - Frank Family Vineyards

I can't wait to hit this vineyard because we get to start our tasting with 3 "bubblies". I LOVE sparkling wine! We will also be tasting 3 other wines here.

Third Stop - Louis Martini Vineyards

Last but not least!
This vineyard is known for their red wines, which I am really excited about. I have trouble finding exactly what I like in the red catagory so this should help me! I am even more excited because this tasting begins with their sparkling wines! =)

I am really excited about the entire experience but even more excited to spend a fun-filled, relaxing, limo guided day with my girls! I can't WAIT!

Trust me... there will be plenty of pics posted!

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