Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hailey meets Santa!

Good morning!!!!

Here I am.... blogging at 6:30am! It's the only chance I am getting these days.

I'm up early... Thanks Hailey! She was hungry for breakfast, so mommy fed her and decided to stay up. I have my 6 week post partum doctor's appointment this morning (My baby is already 6 weeks old????) and would like to get the last of my Christmas shopping done today! I just started my shopping yesterday soooooo that's not too bad!

I'm not going to lie... I have been a little stressed this year about Christmas and getting everything done and some other "junk". Thankfully, I am feeling much better since getting most of my shopping done =)

You probably don't care about any of that... On to the title of this post!

Hailey got to meet SANTA for the first time this past Sunday!

Never wake a sleeping baby =)

Yes... she is fast asleep... we tried to wake her but it just didn't happen.

I am loving this pic. I was a little worried since "Santa" and his "helpers" were a little... what's the word? QUESTIONABLE!  I will leave it at that =) 

I better cut myself off right there. I have to get some things done before my little girl is wide awake and I don't get to do anything.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far!!!!

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Leslie said...

So very cute = ) I am glad to hear everything is going well for you and Hailey!! Hope your post partum appt went well this morning. Happy Holidays!