Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our baby is 1 month old... ALREADY!

Our baby girl is already 1 month old! I can't believe it!

Incase you were wondering, I still think she's the most amazing thing that has EVER happened to us. I just love her to pieces and am so happy to have her.

I have been slacking on the blog posts... a lot has happened. My baby turned 3 weeks, 4 weeks and officially 1 month old AND celebrated her first Thanksgiving ALL in one month!

Thanksgiving was a great day... for the most part. We had plans to get together with Craig's family in the morning for a Thanksgiving breakfast, but it didn't work out. Craig's sister, her kiddos and "Grandma" were all sick. Total bummer, but they didn't want to get Miss Hailey sick so we canceled breakfast. I was thankful that everyone was so good about not getting the baby sick, but it was sad not seeing them! We are SO Thankful for them and hopefully we will get to spend some time with them sometime soon to make up for it! After everyone's germs are gone =)

We made the best of our first Thanksgiving morning together and had breakfast as a family of 3!

We spent Thanksgiving with my family at my aunt's house. Our family is small, but everyone was there. It was so nice to hang out and it was actually relaxing... REALLY!

There was a TON of food... everything was amazing! I am so thankful for my family as well as Craig's. We are very lucky!

I meant to get a picture of Craig, myself and Hailey but forgot!

I did get a good pic of daddy and his little girl!

Not only did Hailey celebrate her very first Thanksgiving, but she also "celebrated" her first BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!

No... I didn't pull my baby girl out of bed at 3am (although we were probably up!). I let her sleep in until about 8 and we hit up Target. Anything we had set out to get was gone by that time... but it was still fun. Hailey was a good girl and slept the whole time!

As you know, I am slacking big time on the blog! I have been much busier these days... Hailey is high maintenance and when I am not holding, feeding, changing her I am getting things done around the house or doing any running around that needs to be done. I will try my best to keep things updated around here!

I am SOOOO looking forward to celebrating Hailey's first CHRISTMAS and will definitely blog about it! Hopefully it will be sooner than later. Probably after her first NEW YEARS =)

Until then, I will try to keep things updated around here as much as I can!

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Julie said...

Cute pic of Hailey & her Daddy!