Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Swimming Anyone?

Last weekend was "eventful" to say the least! LOL!
Journey came to town this past Friday... I heard they were coming a couple of months ago and totally spaced on getting tickets. By the time I thought about it they were SOLD OUT! I was so bummed! Then by chance my aunt calls me Friday night telling me her neighbor had a couple of lawn tickets to Journey and wondered if I might want to go. I told her I was SUPER bummed that they had sold out because I wanted to go so badly. She was shocked and didn't think I liked Journey... little did she know they are one of my favorites! So she had I went and we were a little late so we missed Cheap Trick but were just in time for Heart and Journey! I have to say the lead singer who is on tour with Journey (who is not Steve Perry) did an amazing job singing all of the songs. It did feel a little like we were at Kareoke night tho! =)
Saturday night we headed over to Mr and Mrs. Geyer's "open house" to celebrate their marriage with all the people who weren't able to make it to So Cal for the ceremony. We had a great time. Lots of food and DRINKS... maybe too many drinks! Long story short Tiffany and I ended up swimming after everyone left... running around the pool being crazy and trying to get everyone else wet... I ended up pulling Craig in the pool with me! BIG MISTAKE! Craig had his phone, my phone and my camera in his pocket... hey it seemed like a good idea at the time! Soooo his phone actually came back to life... mine... not so much! As for my camera... another one bites the dust! I felt really bad. I just wasn't thinking. Sorry mother and father-in-law for ruining the camera you bought me! =( I wouldn't blame  you for never buying me another one! In fact... don't! Ha Ha! =) I can't be trusted with a camera! Even tho my camera went swimming with us on Saturday night my memory card did save all of the pics. I will post them as soon as I can so you can see all of the events leading up to the DISASTER!
Even tho the "disaster" was my fault I ended up with a new phone. I feel a little guilty seeing as how it was all ME but Craig's phone worked after the swim and mine didn't. I ended up getting an LG Vu. This phone is so freakin' cool! It's a touchscreen and I have the option to have a keyboard for texting OR text the regular way with the number pad. Check it out!

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