Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An ALL Girl Weekend!!!!!!!

My husband is leaving me for the weekend and I am gonna miss him a TON but I am super excited because I am having an “all girl weekend”. Not just any girls weekend… Me, my Roxy and Daisy and a little Sex in the City the movie (since I didn’t get to see it in theaters and my husband won’t watch it with me!). No dressing up... no going out! I decided I am going to whip myself up an “artisan” style pizza (yes like Round Table) and veg out w/ a glass of wine or two on Friday night. Saturday I am going get up and go to go Megan, Tyler and Cameron’s last game of the season! Then I am off to get my hair done… I will surprise you when I am done =) Wish me luck!
Ahhh how I love the all girl weekends! =) I will probably live in my sweats the entire time and LOVE it!

Can't forget my girls =)

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