Monday, October 6, 2008

Nice Weekend!

We had such a nice weekend! Friday night I came home and didn't feel like doing much of anything! Craig and I ended up going to Round Table for dinner.... Nice because I didn't have to slave in the kitchen =) then we got some movies and had a nice cozy night IN while it was raining outside. Ahhh I have missed those nights! Saturday night we had dinner w/ some friends. Casey and Gina were in town w/ their new bundle of joy VIOLET! This was our first time meeting Violet! She is such a cutie! Too bad they live so far now! It was nice to hang out tho! Sunday we got up and I made breakfast... mmmmm egg and sausage on english muffins. Then we got out and ran some errands and later ended up with a new TV... WEIRD... how did that happen? LOL! We are both pretty stoked and got to test it out last night watching a movie! WOW what a difference! Anyone looking at a Sony Bravia... go for it! =)

Ohhhhh Ahhhh!

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