Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lazy Weekend... for me anyway!

Our weekend consisted of… NOT MUCH! I was extremely happy about that! I made some yummy fish tacos for dinner Friday night with the help of my hubby! We sat around and watched TV and relaxed.
Craig worked for awhile on Saturday and a little on Sunday.
Saturday I went for a LONG stroll at Target for some necessities and some things that weren’t necessities… that’s what you get for STROLLING through Target with nothing better to do! Then I came home and cleaned up our mess of a house! Felt SO nice. I am still working on getting some things organized and making our house into a home. While I was “strolling” the Target store I found a really pretty painting (on clearance) of wine bottles and a wine glass. I am waiting on Craig to build me an entertainment center for our NEW TV! I found a nice one at Pottery Barn that I told him he could build for me or I could just go BUY it! We will see how that works out. So I think the will slowly come together… it’s time!
Later I made some clam chowder and mini pizzas (yes I MADE the clam chowder… eat your heart out… it even had sausage in it! MMMM). Spenser and Tiffany came over and we watched UFC and drank beer and some yummy shots. Probably too many!
Ahhh then Sunday rolled around and I did a whole lot of nothing while Craig did a little work but was home fast. I have been super bored with my hair lately so I played with it a little. Found a cute new style to change it up here or there but it took FOREVER. I will have to take a pic and post it so you can see. Then I decided to try making sushi. I just made California Rolls and they were kind of a pain but tasted REALLY good! Then I painted my toe nails BLACK (festive for halloween) and added some pretty rhinestones... who needs to pay $30+ for that???? Last but not least Craig and I ordered Baby Mama on PPV. Totally funny!
And that was our weekend!

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