Monday, November 17, 2008

We had such a nice weekend but it just wasn’t long enough for me. I could use a couple of extra days! I guess I will get those next week for Thanksgiving!
Friday night Craig and I stayed home and made some jerk chicken with pineapple salsa and Caribbean rice with pineapple chunks and black beans. MMM So good. I think it was even better because Craig helped! It’s nice to cook dinner together. Saturday I went to Roseville with Tiffany. We only stopped at the mall for lunch at Pluto’s (my fave!). We were on a mission and the mall wasn’t it (if you can believe that!) Our first stop was BevMo where they were having the “buy one get one for 5 cents” sale! We got some goodies. We had to make a quick stop at Target… that was interesting! Our next mission (after lunch) was Trader Joe’s. I have wanted to stop there for awhile now. I am always hearing what good stuff they have, so I made it a point to get there this weekend. That was the main purpose of the trip. I got some pre-made fondue, organic sour dough bread, fire roasted salsa, organic tortilla chips, almond butter and some organic wheat wraps. The salsa is so good… I haven’t gotten to try any of the other stuff but I will let you know!
We went to Jay and Andrea’s for UFC Saturday night and I am sad to say Randy Couture lost to Brock Lesner =( I heart Randy. Better luck next time. It was a good fight though. We had a great time!
Now it’s time to plan our anniversary (tomorrow) AND our annual Thanksgiving trip! Yippee!!!!!

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