Sunday, January 4, 2009

We finally made it home!

We are finally back from our New Years trip to Glamis sand dunes in Southern CA! It was a LONG trip. The drive was about 12 hours (one way) and we stayed 8 days! We don't normally camp for that long but since it was such a long way away we decided to stay longer. I think it was a little too long for me but Craig loved riding for that many days. Glamis is his fave! He definately enjoyed himself! We hung out, ate, drank... the whole sha-bang! I don't know if I was all partied out from Christmas and tired from being on the go so much lately but I felt exhausted. I barely made it to midnight on New Years Eve and was in bed by 7:30 the night before! I woke up every morning and went for some nice LONG walks. I am going to have a hard time hitting the gym now that we are back. I had such nice scenery and fresh air. Here are some pics! I am also throwing in a few pics of Christmas eve since I didn't get to post them before we left!
Santa? LOL the sweatshirt was a joke!
Foster, Megan and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn wanted to take a picture of us!
Craig helping Foster
Foster loving his new toy
Merry Christmas baby!
Foster picked this out for me all by himself! LOL I love it!
We finally arrived!
The "kids"!
Donna and I @ Boardmanville
LOL I don't know how I spotted this out of ALL the dollars! I love it!
"I remember when I had my first beer" - Step Brothers! LOL
The group!
Craig and I at the drag races
Spenser and I watchin'
YEP! Craig and I... AGAIN!
A new years kiss!
We got back just in time to celebrate Spenser's 21st birthday! We kept it pretty low key. He didn't want to go out to a bar and get wasted. We decided to have a few people over to our house for pizza and beer and he got "wasted" there =) And here are some pics of that!
What else do you give a guy on his 21st bday? LOL nice... the kids are front row!
Birthday shots!
More birthday shots
And another! Wake up Craig!

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