Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor Bug

I have to admit I have been bitten by the “Bachelor Bug“. I’ve even got Craig watching it with me! I have been an off and on watcher of the show over the years but I am an ON again this season.

This season is Jason Mesnick as THE BACHELOR. Cute guy… seems really nice and has a little boy named Ty.
As usual there is a combination of good girls, cute girls, not so cute girls and “HOT MESS” girls (as I like to call them). This week Nikki (who is gorgeous I actually liked but didn’t really think she and Jason were “right” for each other) got the boot. Nikki and Stephanie were on a double date with Jason, where in the end, he had to pick one girl to stay and one girl to go. I think he made the right choice in that he and Stephanie have more in common so far.


At the end of the episode they had the dreaded “Rose Ceremony”. Jason handed out all but one rose and froze and said he couldn’t give out the last rose. The girls who were left were:

I was glad to see Shannon go. She creeped me out a little from the very beginning being a little OCD about knowing every piece of info she could about Jason before getting there. She started to literally LOSE it the last couple of episodes and I think she was a little on the crazy side!

Beautiful girl but a little off… she TOLD Jason to give her a rose on her group date and he didn’t and she was pissed. She pretended that it was all a joke but it was OBVIOUS that it wasn’t. That girl was going to try to run (RUN not RUIN) his life! She’s the type that calls the shots and if she doesn’t get her way… LOOK OUT!

Megan seemed like a nice girl… very pretty. Apparently Jason didn’t feel the “connection”. Megan was the girl all of the other HATER girls tried to vote off on the first episode but much to their surprise it backfired and she got a rose for being the “least compatible” with Jason… according to the other girls. Which translates to “the biggest threat”. She also had baby at home… I want to say about 9 months old. The girls also said that she wasn’t such a good mom for leaving her baby at home to date the Bachelor. I agree to a certain point. I don’t think I could leave my baby for that long (if I had one) to try to find “love”.

So that’s what’s going on in Bachelor-land. I will give a FINALE update =)

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