Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost got my wish for SPRING!

Last week I was wishing it was Spring already. Even though Spring doesn't officially start until March (20th to be exact!) this past weekend was GORGEOUS! It was in the 60's and super sunny! It felt so good! We really need the rain and I know that but I love the sunny/warm days! I am sure we will get our fair share of rain before summer but for now I am really enjoying the spring-like weather!!!!

We had a great weekend. I kicked off the weekend with happy hour with a friend from work Friday evening! Saturday night we had dinner at Chili's with some friends and my brother. After dinner we headed to their house for some Wii action! LOL! I thought I was going to hate the Wii. After hearing so much hype about it I didn't think I would be as into it as everyone else. Boy was I wrong! I love that thing. I have a couple of pics I will post later.

I can already see mine and Tiffany's summer. Play Wii, have cocktails and lounge by the pool! Yes, I can see the future! HAHA!

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