Monday, April 6, 2009

And the countdown begins...

The countdown to my 29th birthday that is!

Craig had I had a great weekend! We hung out with friends on Friday night and had SUSHI... for my birthday. Saturday I went shopping... for my birthday. And Sunday we BBQ'd with the family... for my birthday! I love it. It's the never ending birthday! I have been celebrating since March 28th when I went on that amazing wine tour with my girls!

Here are some pics... as you can see it was a pretty casual laid back bbq. The boys skateboarded all day and the girls sipped vodka/cranberry cocktails!

MMM Carrot Cake... my fave! THANKS BREE!
My "princess" glass! Thanks again Bree!
Craig's bitch
Focused... beer and all!
Special ed... YES they busted out the office chair!
I am glad his helmet isn't buckled... a lot of good that will do!
Spenser too
He took this pic himself!
Foster took this one too... I think he was trying to capture the beauty of the perfect day!
This is the first time I have ever seen Craig skateboard!
Who knew his "bitch" wasn't just for looks!
One of the coolest kids ever!
One of the coolest presents ever!
Thanks Ed, Donna and Grandpa!!!
That pretty much sums it up! I had an awesome day. Thanks again to everyone! I love you guys!
I will be 29 in EXACTLY 3 HOURS!!! OMG!

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