Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another year... gone and a new hair do!

Well 28 has come and gone! Now on to bigger better things.. 29! =)

I had a really good night considering how busy Craig and I were.

As I have mentioned we have been celebrating my birthday for a couple of weeks now. Since Craig and I are getting ready to leave on our annual Easter trip we were super busy last night getting ready. Because of the weather, we will likely be leaving tonight. That means we had a TON of stuff to get done last night… even though it was my birthday!

Rewind… I had a really good day yesterday. Lots of HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes from my family and friends. An awesome start to my day. I got to have Mexican food with my friend Erica from work.

Right after work I headed to my salon to have my hair done. I got cute "peek-a-boo" highlights. Sorry about the crappy pictures but at least you can see how it turned out. I am totally happy with it!

I didn't get out of the salon until after 8! Craig picked up some of my FAVORITE fish tacos for dinner and had a nice little card and my mascara waiting for me. I didn't ask him for anything for my birthday… I went shopping over the weekend and got a couple nice little things and also figured my new highlights could count as my present!

I inhaled my fish tacos and immediately started making my salsa and pasta salad. I did laundry, showered, packed and we hit the hay! Not the typical birthday but since we have been celebrating so much lately, I didn't mind!
So that was my birthday! =) Hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER! Don't eat too many easter eggs! EWW! LOL

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