Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sunday Full of Milestones for our Friends!

What an awesome weekend.

Our weekend was pretty relaxing… well mine was anyway =)

Friday night Craig and I made carne asada tacos with homemade guac and salsa together and VEGGED out all night! It was great.

Saturday Craig went riding all day… when he got home we had friends coming over within about 15 minutes! =) Jon and his girlfriend Morgan came over and I made us pizza and salad. The pizza crust was a little SALTY. Live and learn… It was my first time making my own dough. The recipe called for a tablespoon of salt, which I thought was kind of a lot but went with it anyway. I hope that Jon and Morgan don’t hold it against me! Hopefully I can make it up to them and make dinner again! The pizza was still good but we had to drink extra beer to wash it down LOL!

Sunday was awesome. We got to meet our friends Randy and Amy's newest addition to their family...

Randy and Amy tried for YEARS to get preggers and had some fertility issues. Finally last year they announced they were pregnant! Parker Jewelianna arrived April 8, 2009 (missed my bday by two hours!). We stopped by to visit Mommy, Daddy and Baby for a little while. I forgot my camera so I have no pics but you better believe Parker is beautiful! Well worth the wait I would say!!!! Both parents looked amazing… especially AMY after GIVING BIRTH TWO WEEKS AGO! They both had a happy glow about them! Craig and I are so happy for them!

While we were at Randy and Amy's our friends Justin and Shelby stopped by. They just bought a house not far away so we decided to stop over there and check it out. They got an awesome deal on the place. It needs a little work but it has so much potential. It's on a nice sized lot… good sized house… open kitchen/living area, etc!


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