Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting things one by one...

This might sound really dumb but I was SO excited this weekend to pick up Hailey's travel system! It's not even for ME (technically) and I literally could not WAIT to get it. I think because it's one of the major items we need before she gets here. We can't bring her home without a car seat =) the stroller will come in handy too!

Inside you might catch a glimpse of my favorite little sock monkey! She's testing out all of Hailey's new equipment before she arrives. Safety first!

Yes... she's wearing a diaper...

(Excuse the "naked" mattress... I didn't wash the sheet yet.)
I made Craig show me his diapering skills! LOL

Oh... almost forgot to mention I put it together almost all by myself! =) Luckily it came almost completely assembled and the rest was pretty easy. Craig had to help a tiny bit. I hope nothing falls off!

I realize that I look pretty scary right here! LOL It didn't stop me from posting the pic but in my defense when I was out and about yesterday a lady told me "You are the cutest prego I have ever seen". Totally made my day. So I just have to say that I started my day off looking halfway decent! LOL don't judge! I haven't hit the "let myself go" stage yet! I was tired when I got home... not to mention I was sweating my booty off!

We just have a few more items to get before Hailey comes! That makes me so happy because there was a point I felt like we would NEVER get everything done and ready in time for her arrival. It's such a huge relief.

The next big project is installing the laminate flooring in our house. Craig is hoping to get started on that this weekend. I am praying! It's going to make such a huge difference in our house. I think it will make it look bigger and definitely smell better. Dogs and carpet don't mix! Not because they aren't potty trained (they are... thank god... I couldn't deal with "accidents") but because dogs can be stinky and the smell is impossible to get out of the carpet. Not to mention the hair! Most people would just say to put the dogs outside, but they are our babies... that's not going to happen. Laminate floors = everybody wins! =)


Becca said...

OMG!!! This is too cute. You guys are so funny with that sock monkey. I am glad to see Scott is such a great sport about it, I doubt I would ever be able to get Tim to diaper a toy, let alone me snap a pic of it!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Courtney said...

We have the exact same travel system and love it!

Julie said...

Cute stoller! you're going to love having a travel system, it's the only way to go! You look adorable!!!