Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Where have I been for the last week or so, you ask? We took a trip to the Oregon coast. We packed up and left last Wednesday night and came back yesterday. Talk about an amazing time. The weather was beautiful. We had a good group of family and friends! Our last camping trip before Hailey arrives.

I sat around relaxing for the most part. Craig, on the other hand, barely sat still! That man is GO GO GO! I can't tell you how many gallons of gas he went through but he rode the crap out of the RZR! We are really getting our money out of that thing! LOL I wasn't able to go on most of his rides because he is a little crazier than Miss Hailey can deal with right now (and myself!) but he did manage to get me out of the trailer for a couple rides and we were able to take some really good pictures. The scenery was absolutely amazing! I am glad I didn't miss out on that!

Here are some pics...

"Banshee Hill" This would be the hill Craig took me up to take some pics.
Like these...

Me, Dee and Brea

Then we headed to a lake in the middle of the dunes. The view was amazing!

Here are some other randoms...

Our furbabies!

"Mommy and Daddy"

There was a rollover! Thank god it wasn't me! LOL I did make sure everyone was ok before I started snapping pictures!
This was our friends Landon and Deidra's Rzr and Landon let his friend drive... bad idea =)

Us again!

Me and Dee... she loves my belly

Spenser, me and Craig

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